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When will the Darksiders series get an ending? “That’s for THQ to decide”

The Darksiders Genesis devs originally wanted to resolve the cliffhanger from the first game

The original Darksiders ended with one of the most memorable cliffhangers in that generation of gaming. Spoiler warning for 2010, but the ending set up a sequel where all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would join forces and wreak havoc. We’ve just seen the announcement of the fourth game in the series, a spin-off called Darksiders Genesis, and we’re no closer to a resolution than we were nine years ago.

So when’s that cliffhanger going to be resolved? “That’s for THQ to decide,” Joe Madureira, CEO and creative director at Airship Syndicate jokes. The studio is bringing Darksiders Genesis to life, and many members of the team – Madureira included – are responsible for creating the series in the first place.

“We originally flirted with the idea of trying to do that with this game,” game director Ryan Stefanelli tells us. “There were a number of reasons why that ended up not working out. The first was that we knew that the game would probably need to be pretty big to be able to resolve all of the different tendrils of story that existed after Darksider 1, 2, and 3. Also I think there’s a bit of thunder being taken away from the hopeful, someday inevitable ‘Darksiders: The Four’. That’s what I keep telling THQ the next one needs to be called.”

Stefanelli continues, “Another alternative was to tell another sequential side-story, but we felt like ‘ok, how can we not necessarily move the timeline forward?’ As badly as we wanted to. To not necessarily contribute to the story log-jam that is created now as we work to not move the story forward.

“So we just went way back in the past, almost to the point where even though it sets the stage for what’s to come with Darksiders 1, it’s not necessarily involved, so there was a certain level of freedom.”

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In the meantime, we’re going to have to keep waiting for Darksiders 4 – or Darksiders: The Four, as the case may be, and enjoy Genesis along the way.