Best Darktide Ogryn build, weapons, and feats

Quite literally the meat shield of your squad, the best Darktide Ogryn build makes you untouchable and thrives when your enemy bleeds

Best Darktide Ogryn build: a giant humanoid wields a huge gun

The best Darktide Ogryn build is more utilitarian than destroyer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cave heads in while you’re keeping the rest of your squad alive. The Ogryn is as close as you’re ever going to get to a living tank; a hulking beast, standing head and shoulders above anyone else in your squad, they wield huge chunks of metal like they’re a child’s toy, and can withstand an immense amount of punishment.

The Ogryn is such a large target for your enemies that creating a DPS build leaves you extremely vulnerable to ranged fire, especially on harder difficulty levels. Creating sustainability not only helps you stay alive longer, but while you’re drawing the ire of the horde in the co-op game, your squad can operate around you and decimate your foes, perhaps even earning some Darktide cosmetics by completing some of the many Penances.

Best Darktide Ogryn build

As we mentioned, this build is about keeping you alive and in the fight for as long as possible. Your sustainability is tied directly to your ability to make your enemies bleed, as you’ll be more resistant to damage while you’re in the vicinity of anyone who’s haemorrhaging their vital fluids. Heavy attacks will still cause a lot of single-target damage, and due to the sheer size of the Ogryn, you’ll also be able to deal with crowds with no problem.


Here are the best weapons to use as the Ogryn in Darktide:

  • Orox Mk II Battle Maul and MK II Slab Shield
  • Foe-Rend Mk II Ripper Gun

The defensive ability of the Slab Shield leans into the tank Ogryn build, and with its heavy combo, you’ll be able to apply plenty of bleed stacks on your enemy. The Slab Shield’s special ability will also enable you to soak up damage if things get a bit too hectic.

For your secondary, it’s mostly down to personal preference, but the Mk II Ripper Gun, with its full-auto firing mode, is a great plan B for when the horde gets out of control. You won’t have much range, but with a Battle Maul in your back pocket, you’ll want to be in the thick of it as much as possible.


Here are the best feats to use as the Ogryn in Darktide:

  • Smash ‘Em Good: Replenish 20% toughness on single enemy heavy melee hit.
  • Blood And Thunder: +1 bleed stack on heavy melee hit.
  • Bullfighter: +10% Bull Rush cooldown reduction when you or an ally in coherency kills an elite enemy
  • Bloodthirst: +10% damage resistance per bleeding enemy in melee range. Stacks five times.
  • Raging Bull: +5% damage (next melee hit) on melee hit for each enemy hit with the initial attack.
  • Bull Gore: +2 bleed stacks on enemies hit by Bull Rush.

The key feat for the Ogryn is Bloodthirst, and it’s the reason that Blood and Thunder and Bull Gore are also included. Applying bleed to your enemies will reduce the damage you take from all sources, so it’s vital that you stay within arms reach and are constantly utilising your heavy attacks to keep that damage reduction up.

The best Darktide Ogryn build doesn’t have a fancy playstyle – it’s as brutish as the character itself. You’ll need to get into a crowd of enemies, apply as many bleeds as possible, and draw as much attention as you can so your squad can lay down major damage.


It’s vital that you dig out your best toughness damage reduction Curios for this best Darktide Ogryn build to shine, couple those with toughness increases and you’ll find that you can withstand anything Tertium can throw at you.

There you have the best Darktide Ogryn build, an immovable wall of pain that is a vital squad inclusion, especially for harder difficulty levels. For the perfect squad setup, we have the best Darktide Zealot build, best Darktide Veteran build, and the best Darktide Psyker build. Darktide is shaping up to be one of the best PC games released this year, not to mention one of the best Warhammer 40K games ever.