How to get Darktide cosmetics

Learn how to get Darktide cosmetics to change the look of your chosen class, either through the shop or by completing increasingly trickier Penances

Darktide cosmetics - a general standing over his subordinates as his commander walks behind him.

Getting Darktide cosmetics for all of your characters will take quite some time, as new gear is a sign of accomplishment in the 40K universe. Buying the Darktide Imperial Edition will give you some unique outfits and weapon skin patterns, available from the game’s launch, but there are plenty more that you can buy with in-game currency or earn during missions.

Unlike a fair number of Warhammer games where you get to change their look, this one doesn’t require you to lovingly paint each one of the Darktide classes until they look just right. Instead, you need to complete achievement-like tasks known in-game as Penances. Not all of them will give you Darktide cosmetics, but the vast majority will provide you with ways to customise your look, portraits, and even trinkets to show off your achievements. You can also buy cosmetic items and weapon skins from the Armoury Exchange. You need to spend Ordo Tokens, which you can earn by completing each of the FPS game’s missions. However, the available items in the shop are only there for a limited time before the next set appears.

Darktide cosmetics - the vendor at the central hub area has a full helmet with a small visor on the front.

Darktide cosmetics list

Here are all of the Penances that give you Darktide cosmetics, as well as the steps you need to take to complete them:

Penance name Penance requirement Cosmetic item reward
Circle Of Trust Complete Path of Trust chapters. Chapter 1 – Convict portrait frame
Chapter 2 – Cannon Fodder portrait frame
Chapter 3 – Possibly Useful portrait frame
Chapter 4 – Almost Valuable portrait frame
Chapter 5 – Still Expendable portrait frame
Chapter 6 – Rosette Inquisitorius trinket
Got A Bone To Pick (1) Reach Trust Level 5 as a Skullbreaker. Tactical Battlegear (Skydeath Camo XXXXL) upper body
Beat-’em-Up Complete at least one mission of each type as a Skullbreaker. Bestest portrait frame
I’m In Charge Use a Bull Rush to interrupt a Plague Ogryn’s charge. Brute’s Big Armour (XXXXL) lower body
Something In Your Eye Kill a Corruptor by hitting it in the eye with your grenade box. Tactical Battlegear (Noxfight Camo XXXXL) upper body
Friends Will Be Friends Stay in coherency with all living teammates at all times during a mission on Malice Threat or higher. Brute’s Biggest & Bestest Armour (XXXXL) lower body
Gone Bowling Knock down 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush on Malice Threat or higher. Brute’s Biggest & Bestest Armour (XXXXL) upper body
Don’t Stop Me Now! Move 70 metres with Bull Rush in under 25 seconds on Heresy Threat or higher. Brute’s Bootiful Armour (XXXXL) lower body
Heavyweight Champion On Heresy Threat or higher, knock down four enemy Ogryns (Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, and/or Reapers) with a single Bull Rush charge. Brute’s Bootiful Armour (XXXXL) upper body
Bone ‘Ead Complete the following Penances:
Got A Bone To Pick (4)
Beat-’em Up
Built Like A Tank (1)
Something In Your Eye
I’m In Charge
Krourk Mk IIIa Brutehelm head
Maniacal Laughter (1)  Reach Trust Level 5 as a Preacher. Lowly Mendicant’s Vestments upper body
Praise the God-Emperor! As a Preacher, complete at least one mission of each type. By the God-Emperor! portrait frame
Buying Time Using a Stun Grenade, hit an enemy sniper more than 40 metres away. Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments lower body
Abhor the Mutant While dashing, kill a mutant with a melee attack. Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments upper body
Shocking Stuff On Malice Threat or higher, kill 50 enemies stunned by your grenades, within ten seconds. Pious Mendicant’s Vestments lower body
Up Close and Personal Complete a mission on Malice Threat or higher without firing a shot. Pious Mendicant’s Vestments upper body
There is Nothing But the Abyss… On Heresy Threat or higher, heal to full health with life gained solely from the Holy Revenant Feat after it triggers. Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments lower body
Just A Flesh Wound Complete a mission of Heresy Threat or higher in under ten minutes, with less than one Wound remaining for 75% of the time. Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments upper body
Sainted Path Complete the following Penances as the Preacher:
Maniacal Laughter (4)
Praise the God-Emperor!
Doomseeker (1)
Abhor the Mutant
Buying Time
Cowl of the Shamed head
Mind over Matter (1) Reach Trust Level 5 as a Psykinetic. Storm Witch’s Leash Raiment upper body
Mind Over Matter As a Psykinetic, complete at least one mission of each type. Incomparable portrait frame
Not Even Close Kill a pouncing Pox Hound with Brain Burst. Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment lower body
Cliffhanger Kill 20 enemies within two seconds by knocking them off a ledge. Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment upper body
Warp Battery While on Malice Threat or higher, in a single session maintain maximum Warp Charges for 300 seconds. Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment lower body
Going Out With a Bang While on Malice Threat or higher, kill three Elite enemies with a single Perils of the Warp explosion. Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment upper body
Pick n’ Mix While on Heresy Threat or higher, use Brain Burst to kill five different Elite or Specialist enemies within  ten seconds. Storm Witch’s Redemption Raiment lower body
Malleus Monstronum While on Heresy Threat or higher, singlehandedly kill a Monstrosity where all damage inflicted is done by you and all damage inflicted is done by Brain Burst. Storm Witch’s Redemption Raiment upper body
Kinetic Killer Complete the following Penances as the Psykinetic:
Mind over Matter (4)
Mind Over Matter
Lifeleech (1)
Not Even Close
Obscurus Mk IIId Psykana Hood head
I Love the Militarium! (1) Reach Trust Level 5 as a Sharpshooter. Gun-Hand’s Duty Uniform upper body
Vantage Point As a Sharpshooter, complete at least one mission of each type. Dutiful portrait frame
Marked For Death During a single use of Volley Fire, hit the weak spots of four enemies with a weapon’s secondary action, without missing a shot. Pistolero’s Duty uniform lower body
Long Bomb Kill three enemies with a Frag Greande without it bouncing. Pistolero’s Duty uniform upper body
One In the Chamber Kill five enemies with the last round in your clip during a single mission on Malice Threat or higher. Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform lower body
On Overwatch Complete a mission on Malice Threat or higher without taking any melee damage. Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform upper body
Deadeye On Heresy Threat or higher, during a single use of Volley Fire, kill five highlighted enemies with weak spot hits whilst using a weapon’s secondary action. Killshot’s Duty Uniform lower body
Make Every Shot Count Complete a mission on Heresy Threat or higher with no ammo remaining and 100% accuracy. Killshot’s Duty Uniform upper body
On Target (1) Complete the following Penances as the Sharpshooter:
I Love the Militarium! (4)
Vantage Point
Through the Mud (1)
Long Bomb
Marked For Death
Graia Mk IVb Carapace Warden Helm
Scab Picker (1) Kill 1,000 Scabs. Humbler of Heretics (1) operative insignia
Cull The Traitors Complete the following Scab Penances:
Renegade Master
Traitorous Collective
Scab Picker (5)
Hard Labour
Aquila’s Head trinket
Purge The Heretics Complete the following Dreg Penances:
Lex Triumphant
Lex Vigilant
Dreg Cleanser
Dreg Hunter (5)
Decapitation Protocol
Omnissiah’s Eye trinket
Cleanse the Taint Complete the following Terror Penances:
Nightmare Patrol
Purification Protocol
Purgator (5)
Bullying the Bully
Ossurary Charm trinket
First Assignment Complete 100 missions. Operative portrait frame
Mission Improbable Complete the following Mission Penances:
Raiding Party (2)
Seek, Locate, Destroy (2)
No Stone Unturned (2)
Disruptive Behaviour (2)
Strike Force (2)
Master of Intrigue (2)
Omnissiah’s Hand (2)
Auric Charm trinket
Attack, Attack, Attack! Complete the following Offence Penances:
Purge the Heretic (2)
Serial Killer
Time to Die (2)
Frenzied Killer (2)
Dodge This (2)
Killhawk Claw trinket
Case for the Defence Complete the following Defence Penances:
The Emperor Protects (2)
Preternatural Dodge (2)
Flawless Execution (1)
Zigging and Zagging
Figure Four
Violent Tendencies
Winged Duty trinket

Those are all of the Darktide cosmetics you can unlock, however, looking the part is one thing, but you’ll also need the best Darktide weapons to survive the onslaught that one of the best PC games this year can throw at you. We recommend you check out the best Darktide VeteranZealotPsyker, and Ogryn builds for loadouts to purge these pesky heretics quickly.