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PSA, Dauntless fans: Here’s how to import Steam’s controller configs to Epic

Get the controller setup for Dauntless you want using Steam Input and this user's guide

Ready to rumble with the Bethemoths in Dauntless, but struggling to set up your controller in Epic’s launcher? One player has helpfully shared how to get the setup you want (and deserve) for the free-to-play action-RPG through Steam Input. You’ll be free to get stuck into some serious slaying unhampered by native controller issues and restrictions in no time.

User Ploid 6.0 at ResetEra has written a pretty comprehensive guide on how to use Steam Input to get around using “old apps like PS4windows, and deal[…] with any controller bugs that natively support the controllers from consoles”. The end result – a much more modifiable, bespoke controller setup that will get you rolling and slicing your way to some spectacular victories in no time.

This method involves linking up the Epic Games launcher – the platform playing host to Dauntless – to your Steam library, then following a few suggestions around how to boot up the game, which the user outlines for you to follow. Eventually, the Epic Games Store will detect the controller and you can start building a profile for the game on it that suits your needs.

Ploid 6.0 highlights its benefits, saying you can “edit the buttons how you like, and save it with whatever title you want (maybe the name of the game so you can do the same for other EGS games if you have a need). Each profile takes up like a few KBs (1-2 digits) of space, so go with however many you want”.

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Sound too good to be true? Head over to Ploid 6.0’s guide on ResetEra and find out for yourself. Just be sure to follow all of the steps and tips carefully so you can get on with firing flares and besting Behemoths with the setup you want right away.