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Dave the Diver update focuses on big quality of life updates

A Dave the Diver update from developer Mintrocket fixes several common complaints for the breakout Steam hit, including button mashing and its Steam Deck UI.

Dave the Diver update - Cobra, a white-haired man with a goatee, grins as he points towards himself with a thumb gesture.

A Dave the Diver update looks to fix some of the most annoying issues with the year’s biggest surprise breakout hit. The delightful Dave the Diver blends deep-dive fishing and running a sushi restaurant, and quickly laid claim to a spot as one of the best relaxing games on Steam following its launch. Now, the team at Mintrocket lays out its next big update, focused primarily on improving overall quality of life.

“Our first priority before getting too ambitious with other things is to make the release of the current version the best experience possible,” game director Jaeho Hwang says in a video discussing its next update and the future roadmap. He notes that more content is planned “to make the later areas more fun to explore,” but that quality-of-life updates come first.

First and perhaps most welcome is the introduction of an option for automatic button mashing, so you’ll be able to simply hold the required button down in any situations where you’d ordinarily be tasked with hammering it repeatedly. That’s a huge boon for accessibility and, as Hwang and game designer Nolan King remark, is also likely to be welcomed by those who want to play the game without disturbing nearby family members.

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There are plenty more welcome additions and you can read the full list of changes down below, covering everything that is discussed in the video. Among these is a UI resize, which Hwang explains should make all the game’s menus and text easier to read, especially if you’re one of the many users who have helped to make Dave the Diver top the Steam Deck charts.

Dave the Diver quality-of-life update

  • Automatic button mashing toggle.
  • Inventory sorting tool that works mid-dive.
  • Option to keep two fish at the Fish Farm when selling the rest.
  • UI resize for all platforms, with extra focus on Steam Deck.
  • Optimization to improve stuttering and frame drops, and reduce install size.
  • Changes to cocktail colors for improved colorblind support.
  • Hold down the left/right direction keys in the shop to increase/decrease quantity rapidly. Press up to select the maximum number immediately, or down to remove all.
  • Mouse cursor should now correctly disappear when using a controller.

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