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Dragon survival game’s huge new update sends Steam players soaring

Day of Dragons is a dragon survival game that received its biggest patch yet, causing its Steam player count to absolutely skyrocket

Day of Dragons is an online creature survival game that’s been in early access since December 2019. Since the game became available for early adopters, it has developed a small but loyal base of players who have enjoyed the game’s survival mechanics coupled with its diverse character customization allowing players to choose from different dragon factions and species. Now, with the game launching patch 1.0 that released a dragon’s den-sized update, the game has hit its peak player count on Steam

Who doesn’t love a good dragon game? Dragons are one of the most beloved fictional characters in folk history and have made for some of the most revered monsters in all of gaming. Day of Dragons is a PC game that celebrates the flying serpents, putting them front and center as the main characters of a third-person survival game.

The Beawesome developed game has been in early access for four years, but now has finally launched patch 1.0. The patch, which launched on Saturday Friday 17, has essentially reworked nearly every part of the game.

The main change to note for Day of Dragons here is that the game now runs on Unreal Engine 5. Beyond the engine for the game getting an update, there are now two new dragons in the Inferno Ravager (a starting dragon) and the Biolumin, as well as updated textures to all existing dragons as well as the entire map.

According to stat tracking website SteamDB, Day of Dragons’ previous Steam peak player count was at launch in December 2019 with 2,490. Now, with the release of patch 1.0, the game has blasted past that number hitting a peak player count of 3,357.

Although Beawesome has launched patch 1.0 as the full rollout of the game, Day of Dragon will only slowly be exiting early access over time.

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