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DayZ fan film paints a solemn picture of the post-apocalypse, without zombies

DayZ fan film

Eternum Pictures’ live action DayZ fan film is not, perhaps, the most accurate DayZ-inspired film. For that, you’ll want FireFilms excellent effort. What it is, though, is a subtle, evocative journey through the post-apocalypse, capturing the loneliness and tension that pervades the game. 

DayZ creator and Rocketwerkz founder Dean Hall was impressed, too. Take a look for yourself, below. 

“This is a short film made by a group of friends gathered by a common wish to translate into pictures our vision of a post-apocalyptic world,” write the film’s creators. “With a small but passioned [sic] team, we wanted to add our brush stroke in the DAYZ universe.”

Brian Hicks, DayZ’s producer told us that “Youtube and Twitch are the entire force behind DayZ’s success,” earlier today.

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