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DayZ might not work on Valve’s Steam Deck

Bohemia Interactive has said that it's unlikely that the survival game DayZ will work on Valve's upcoming handheld gaming PC

DayZ screenshot of player pointing gun at captive player

Valve’s Steam Deck is set to have an expansive library of compatible PC games, especially since the handheld will be compatible with easy anti-cheat and Battleye. However, according to the developers behind the survival experience DayZ, the open-world game might pass on support for the upcoming portable powerhouse.

As shared by Joshersratters on Reddit, DayZ’s creators, Bohemia Interactive, responded to a Twitter DM inquiring about Steam Deck compatibility by saying support would be “unlikely”. While the developers didn’t specify why the game would be incompatible, Battleye’s “opt-in” policy could be linked to the studio’s decision to forgo support.

Of course, if Bohemia has opted out of Battleye for Steam Deck, there could be a good reason for the decision. As you’d perhaps expect, Valve’s dinky gaming PC isn’t as beefy as a fully-fledged rig, meaning performance issues could arise if games aren’t optimised. While DayZ still has 29,339 concurrent players, the fact it’s now eight years old could also mean it has a smaller team maintaining things behind the scenes.

It’s worth noting that while developers across the globe are already working on getting their games ready for the mini PC, Valve has a virtual Steamworks conference in the pipeline designed to assist with Steam Deck compatibility. So, while DayZ’s presence on the portable is currently up in the air, perhaps Bohemia’s open-world favourite will eventually land on the handheld after launch.