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Amazing new Dead by Daylight survivor possibly teased by BHVR

A new Dead by Daylight survivor is potentially teased by BHVR, possibly marking the DBD debut of one of horror gaming’s most-loved heroes.

New Dead by Daylight survivor: A young person with dyed hair from horror game DBD

A new Dead by Daylight survivor could be on the way, as BHVR shares a potentially telling teaser image ahead of DBD’s rumored 30.5 public test build. The Dead by Daylight killers roster has recently benefited from the arrival of Chucky, but we’ve not seen any survivor love since Alien’s Ellen Ripley back in August 2023. That might be about to change, as Behaviour Interactive offers a possible glimpse – and maybe a substantial hint – at a new hero based on one of the best horror games of all time. Maybe we’re being too hopeful. Maybe instant flashlight blinds are making a comeback. But this seems like a pretty big clue. Alan Wake might finally be coming to Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight has successfully snagged one great licensed character after another. The tentpole multiplayer horror game already has Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Hellraiser, and Nicolas Cage on its roster, and now – judging from a new BHVR teaser – might be adding the eponymous, tweedy writer from Remedy’s superb occult detective drama. Make sure you get all the latest DBD codes. This could be a busy month.

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BHVR shares a new image of a flashlight, a desk, and what appears to be a bloodstained pad of writing paper. You put all those together, in combination with the huge success and whirlwind reception to Alan Wake 2, and it seems like Dead by Daylight killers have a new, satchel-sporting opponent. The developer says we will find out more on Tuesday January 9. For the record, the Dead by Daylight 30.5 public test build, which allows players to sample and feedback on coming changes and additions, is rumored to go live on Wednesday January 10.

While Alan Wake feels like a natural fit for Dead by Daylight, and would unite two of the best horror series in the world, there is another possibility. In the past, survivors could use flashlights to instantly blind pursuing killers, allowing them a precious few seconds to make an escape.

Dead by Daylight new survivor: A teaser image from BHVR, developer of horror game Dead by Daylight

That feature was eventually nerfed, so that dazzling would-be murderers takes a couple of seconds, but some DBD players have campaigned for its return. With the PTB possibly about to roll out, perhaps the teaser from BHVR connects to flashlight changes rather than a new survivor. We’ll have to see.

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