New Dead by Daylight murderer may well be the Aliens xenomorph

The new Dead by Daylight villain may be the xenomorph from Aliens, judging by cryptic hints from DBD’s BHVR and others involved in the multiplayer horror game.

New Dead by Daylight murderer may well be the Aliens xenomorph: A monstrous creature with long claws, the xenomorph from Aliens

Okay, we’re going a bit tinfoil hat on this one, but I promise, there’s some compelling evidence to say that next to join the Dead by Daylight killers list may well be the xenomorph from Aliens, so stick with me. We’re going to look at announcements from the Dead by Daylight devs BHVR, and a few other hints from Fox and the vanguards of the Alien series. With a little interpretative dot-connecting, there’s at least the possibility that the new DBD villain will be the Alien – the multiplayer horror game could be about to get a bit, well, chest bursty.

We start with Kendrick Pejoro, franchise management coordinator at Disney, which owns the rights to the Aliens franchise. On April 6, Pejoro shares a tweet, counting down to ‘Aliens Day,’ an annual celebration of the series – similar to Star Wars’ May 4th – that occurs on April 26. In this tweet, Pejoro uses the hashtag “#scifi.”

Okay. We now jump back in time to October 28, 2022, when Pejoro tweeted about Dead by Daylight directly. “Dead by Daylight has a lot of legendary horror characters,” Pejoro wrote. “What do you guys want to see make an appearance next?” Seems relatively innocent, but worth noting is that in this tweet, Pejoro also used the ‘#scifi’ hashtag.

So we have two tweets, one about Aliens, one about Dead by Daylight, both linked by a hashtag. Still seems a bit thin.

Back to April of this year, however, and the plot starts to thicken up. Another Twitter user, ‘Jonathan_Cordy,’ replies to Kendrick Pejoro’s October tweet saying “Alien for DBD’s seventh anniversary this year.” Pejoro ‘likes’ the tweet.

New Dead by Daylight killer may well be the Aliens xenomorph: A tweet hinting at Aliens in DBD

We then jump over to Reddit, where a user who has since deleted their account shares apparent leaks about announcements and new Aliens gaming material that will be revealed on Aliens Day 2023. Among that list is the Aliens DBD tie-in. It should also be noted that this information has been devoutly collated by another Redditor, ‘Chillchinchila,’ who has performed some stellar detective work.

So, to recap. We have a Disney franchise coordinator tweeting about Dead by Daylight with the same hashtags as they use to tweet about Aliens. We have that same franchise coordinator liking a tweet suggesting Aliens come to DBD. And then we have a supposed leak saying that the Alien will be announced for Dead by Daylight on April 26. Sounds like something could be happening, but there’s one more piece in the puzzle.

Yesterday, April 17, BHVR announced that if you are subscribed to Amazon’s Prime Gaming, you will be able to access the Dead by Daylight rift pass for free, or, if you already own the rift pass, unlock ten progress tiers instead. It’s a decent deal, designed, presumably, to pull more players into Dead by Daylight’s extended offerings.

And can you guess what day it goes live? April 26. Aliens day. Now, why would BHVR want to launch its new rift pass deal on the same day as the annual Aliens franchise celebration? It’s only a week away, so let’s wait and see.

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