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Dead by Daylight has official body pillows, so you can cuddle with your favourite killer

David and the Huntress both have body pillows now

Dead by Daylight is not necessarily a game known for its sex appeal, but that hasn’t stopped the folks behind it from producing the most erotic sort of tie-in merchandise – body pillows. Yes, the asymmetrical horror game has bypassed the weirdly sexy Etsy shops of the world to offer a variety of body pillow options to satisfy your, uh, needs. (Clearly, our ranking of Dead by Daylight killers needs to account for some new criteria.)

The first body pillow option launched a month ago – it’s the survivor David King, appropriate outfitted for intimate times in his Hard Headlights fight club outfit. The store page promises that “you’ll definitely be in good hands,” and I sure hope so given the $55 USD price tag.

If you’re more into murderers than survivors, then you could also grab the Huntress body pillow, which went live much more recently. This item, apparently, “is a Territorial Imperative for any killer’s bedroom.” It’s a similarly premier-priced item, also retailing at $55 USD. You can head over the store page and pick one up for yourself.

The fact that we now have two of these body pillows to choose from means that it’s officially a trend. That means we just have to wait and see what’s next.

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So next time a new survivor or killer makes their way to Dead by Daylight, remember that we shouldn’t judge them purely on abilities or how useful they are in-game – cuddleability is now an important criteria.