Dead by Daylight bug means you should fail generators, not fix them

As if Merciless Storm wasn't bad enough, a Dead by Daylight bug is resetting generator progress even if you hit every skill check in Behaviour's horror game.

Dead by Daylight bug means you should fail generators, not fix them: A young woman wearing white with long black hair covering her face climbs out of a pipe in an abandoned forest while a man wearing a brown jacket looks on in horror

Of all the Dead by Daylight Killer perks, The Onryo’s Merciless Storm is one of the most irritating – and it just got worse. A bug on the horror game‘s PTB is resetting generator progress for every skill check you complete, making Sadako one of Dead by Daylight‘s most powerful enemies.

Merciless Storm kicks in when a generator hits 90% completion. Players have to pass continuous skill checks in order to weather the tempest, and if they miss just one the generator explodes, alerting the killer to their presence and blocking the generator for either 16, 18, or 20 seconds depending which tier the perk is levelled to.

If you’re anything like me, constant skill checks are terrifying – especially when the stakes are so high at the end of a Trial. Merciless Storm is absolutely horrible; and unfortunately it just got even worse.

A bug on the DBD PTB means that, even if you complete all of the skill checks, your generator progress will be reset to zero. Spotted by u/AverageNOEDuser on Reddit, as soon as the player is hit by Merciless Storm, their generator progress dwindles to zero each time they pass a skill check. At this point, it’s probably better to just fail the skill checks and hope your progress remains where it is.

Hitting Merciless Storm skillchecks on the PTB removes progress
by u/AverageNOEDuser in deadbydaylight

According to the comments section, this is actually the second major bug that’s affected the perk this patch. The other, according to one player, “would start with a forced-fail of the [Merciless Storm] skill check, with people having that skill check permanently on their screen and not being able to hit further skill checks.

“If they went down and were picked up with the permanent skill check, they would be trapped in the ‘carried’ state, even if unhooked, making the game unplayable.”

While that first bug has been well and truly squashed, the issues that its pesky predecessor causes are endless. Onryo players can effectively reduce Survivors’ hard work to zero in an instant, and our heroes and heroines can’t do anything about it. Thankfully this is on the PTB and will likely never see launch, but either way the perk is proving difficult for Behaviour to tame.

In the meantime, there’s a whole host of Dead by Daylight codes available this month, so hopefully they’ll grant you some sweet new gear to compensate for the chaos. Otherwise, if you’re sick of getting murdered, we have a list of the best multiplayer games to try out while you wait for the storm to blow over.