Dead by Daylight killer clown was too fast, so devs killed him

Creepy Dead by Daylight killer, the Clown, had a haste bug so Behaviour axed him, but he'll be back in the 6.1.2 patch. The clown always comes back

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The Dead by Daylight killer called The Clown is terrifying enough at the best of times, but now he’s affected by a bug that makes him far too quick for comfort. Thankfully, the horror game‘s developer sent him back to his hole to slumber before he returns to kill again in update 6.1.2.

Out of all the Dead by Daylight killers, the Clown is one of the worst. Not because he’s a high-tier killer – he’s not – but because, well, he’s a clown. The only thing worse than a murderous clown is one that you just can’t get away from – which is what was happening in the multiplayer game recently.

As players have reported, the Clown is currently affected by a bug that makes his Haste ability permanently active after using his Afterpiece Antidote tonic – so his movement speed is raised for the entirety of a match. Gulp.

The good news is that developer Behaviour Interactive has spotted the problem, but the bad news is that the only way they could fix the Haste bug is to remove the Clown altogether. Fortunately, the team promises that “the issue is now resolved” and the Clown will return with Dead by Daylight patch 6.1.2. The Clown always comes back.

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