Don’t expect Dead by Daylight’s DC penalties to disappear

Disconnects happen, unfortunately it's part of gaming, but Dead by Daylight dev Behaviour has confirmed that DBD will maintain its strict DC penalties.

Don't expect Dead by Daylight's DC penalties to disappear: A woman with short dark hair wearing a bejeweled gas mask that covers one eye with a huge blade attached to her wrist sits in front of a computer setup with two people's faces showing on the screens

Nic Cage is in Dead by Daylight – it’s official, ladies and gentlemen. However, there’s more than just the legendary actor joining the fray this time around, as Behaviour is adding in new bots that will replace players if they disconnect during the match. In response, some have asked whether or not DC penalties will be removed from the horror game given that players are now substituted by AI, but DBD dev Behaviour is having none of it.

You could argue that, given there are now bots to replace survivors that have disconnected, DCing from the game actually has no effect on the match’s outcome. So, why should you be penalized for DCing if an AI will step in and take your place?

When asked by streamer ‘TiredMarine’ to “remove the DC penalty,” Behaviour has responded with a pretty conclusive “we have no plans to remove DC penalties.”

While TiredMarine responds “so a survivor killing themselves on hook and leaving their team without a replacement bot will be the answer then,” most of the comments see this a “big BHVR W.”

Don't expect Dead by Daylight's DC penalties to disappear: A Twitter response from DBD developers Behaviour Interactive about DC penalties in Dead by Daylight on a creepy background

It’s a coin that I can see both sides of. While receiving a penalty for an accidental DC is annoying, bots certainly don’t play like humans do, and overall will probably negatively impact the outcome of the game. As someone who has only meandered into The Fog recently, having played with AI teammates in training, I can confirm they enjoy blowing up gens and causing chaos from time to time.

So, despite our newfound AI friends, I think Behaviour has made the right choice here. Freak disconnects are always a pain, but it’s something I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Just blame it on The Entity corrupting your computer – I’m sure your fellow survivors will believe it.

If you, however, want to hunt and not be hunted so as to avoid these new bots, we have a Dead by Daylight killers tier list to help you please The Entity so that it doesn’t disconnect your internet, as well as a list of all of the currently active DBD codes – free things soothe a disconnect, after all.