Dead by Daylight’s new crossovers could include Diablo and Dark Souls

If you've ever wondered what a Dead by Daylight Diablo crossover would look like, a new DBD survey hints at collabs with Dark Souls, Dead Space, and more.

A horned demonic woman bathed in red light looks upwards on a background with a noose-style hook and a red sky

I really like Dead by Daylight. I really like Diablo. I also really like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Well, I’m in luck, as a new DBD survey asking about potential licensed crossovers lists several of the best PC games out there, as well as myriad anime, comic book, and film franchises.

This list has me beyond excited. Taken from a DBD satisfaction survey that u/AquaticCitizen has screenshotted for the Dead by Daylight subreddit, there’s literally everything you could dream of and more.

Standouts in the anime category include Berserk and Hunter X Hunter (survivor Kurapika please), as well as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Jujutsu Kaisen. Just don’t bring the dog back, please, my heart can’t cope with it.

In the comic category Hellboy reigns supreme, and in film and TV we have the likes of American Horror Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal, the Vampire Diaries, and even Wednesday. If that latter one becomes a reality, I’ll be hookin’ survivors with their hands, hands, hands, above their heads, heads, heads as Wednesday in no time.

If none of those have you excited, though, the gaming category surely will. There’s Alan Wake, Bloodborne, Diablo, Dark Souls, Doom, Elden Ring, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Mortal Kombat, Nier Automata, Portal, and even Warhammer 40k.

A list of potential Dead by Daylight crossover opportunities from a DBD satisfaction survey

It’s a pretty impressive list, but the one that has my attention is, of course, Diablo. If you scroll down the page a little and look at the little bio next to my face, you’ll notice that I have a very healthy obsession with Lilith – in fact, I even asked Blizzard whether or not you can romance Lilith in Diablo 4.

I love the idea of playing her as a killer and sending souls into the realm of hatred, but Lorath and Neyrelle would make fun survivors, too. If we’re going even further back, imagine Deckard Cain giving Diablo himself a piece of his mind – it’s a collab of my dreams, so praise Lilith, make it so.

But there’s also Portal on that list. Would our killer be a psychotic GLaDOS? Or a maniacal Wheatley (voiced by Stephen Merchant, of course)? Would we get a Portal gun, and a new map themed around Aperture? The possibilities are, indeed, endless. We already have the Escape! Cake in the game, and this seems like the logical next step.

As we dream of seeing Lilith and GLaDOS added to the Dead by Daylight killers list, it’s worth plugging in some of the new DBD codes to snatch up some free loot.