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Dead by Daylight’s least popular killer is now totally OP

Blink aside, Nurse; Dead by Daylight's least played killer is coming for S-tier, as the latest round of buffs on the DBD PTR make them OP.

Dead by Daylight's least popular killer is now totally OP: A creepy brown-haired woman wearing a hat stands on a blue background holding a baby-like creature with sharp teeth

Since the dawn of Dead by Daylight, there’s only ever been one killer who’s truly scared me: The Nurse. That ominous screeching, the appearing out of nowhere: Sally Smithson is a force to be reckoned with, and one that I still haven’t quite managed to figure out. But there’s a change in The Fog; a new killer has emerged as top dog – and it’s the horror game’s least-played menace.

On our Dead by Daylight killer tier list, The Twins lurk towards the bottom, largely sitting in C-tier because they’re difficult to play, but relatively easy to combat. The latest round of Dead by Daylight PTB patch notes change that completely, however, propelling them to the top end of the horror game‘s leaderboard to rival The Nurse herself.

While both characters have received a few changes, Victor has effectively been reworked entirely. Where he used to pounce on healthy survivors, he now latches onto those who are in the dying state instead. He can’t be kicked if his pounce is successful, and any survivor affected cannot be healed – although others can crush him to try and send him back to Charlotte. Couple that with Charlotte gaining 10% ability haste when Victor is attached, and things get even uglier.

Several add-ons have also been amended, with Rusted Needle now inflicting Haemorrhage until healed, and Weighty Rattle meaning that Pounce now inflicts Broken for a minute. This means that Victor has effectively become a one-shot monster.

If mastered, this means they’ll probably rival The Nurse, and given the nerfs to The Blight, they may just replace him entirely.

An infographic showing the changes to The Twins in Dead by Daylight on the new DBD PTB

Now I am very much on the periphery of the DBD community, but my entire X (formerly Twitter) feed has been flooded with complaints post-announcement.

“I couldn’t play the PTB for more than 30 minutes,” writes one player. “Scrap the Twins changes. There’s fundamentally nothing you can do against Victor anymore. How did this get a pass?” Another comment simply reads “The Twins on PTB might just be the most overpowered Killer ever.”

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Thankfully, all of this is still on the PTB and not live severs, so BHVR will hopefully make some changes based on player feedback. Until then, though, I’d maybe just play on the live servers – it sounds considerably less painful.

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