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DBD self unhook changes might let you off the hook in phase two

If you're one of those Dead by Daylight survivors that likes to take a chance, I have good news for you: Behaviour has hinted at second phase unhooks in DBD.

Dead by Daylight self unhook changes could seriously shift the balance: A black haired woman with a pale face wearing a deep red dress with feathers around the neck and on her hips raises a clawed, inky hand

It’s not easy being a survivor in Dead by Daylight. Sometimes you’re dodging hatchets, other times you’re having vials of toxic gas lobbed at you by a huge clown – you never really catch a break in the horror game, do you? Add face-camping into the mix and the whole thing gets even messier – but, as we know, the DBD dev team is hard at work devising a counter, and new details imply that it just might be a second-phase chance to unhook.

On Thursday, September 14, Behaviour tweeted out an image of what appears to be a new ‘chance to unhook’ bar. The image shows an unfortunate Jane strung up on a hook, her struggling apparently supervised by a bloodthirsty, face-camping Trapper.

A new bar at the bottom of the screen, however, implies that the longer the killer’s bright red, conical gaze is upon you, the higher your chances of escape become. This in itself is a new feature, apparently aimed at combatting face-camping directly – but it’s the replies that have our senses tingling.

When one player asks “what about the second hook state?” Behaviour quickly replies “she’s still got this,” referring to the original tweet that simply reads “don’t worry, I’ve got this” with a ‘soon’ emoji. This may be a sneaky little hint that the chance to unhook yourself may be made available in hook stage two – something we haven’t heard about before now.

A comment about the Dead by Daylight chance to unhook mechanic from Twitter

Of course, using Deliverance already gives you a chance to get off of the hook in stage one, but this new feature would be an absolute game changer giving you a higher chance to do so in both phases, and presumably without having to unhook someone else first. Killers face-camp when they know you can’t escape, so this is the perfect way to try and negate that. It gives the survivor the chance, but it’s not too OP – I’m excited, can you tell?

With this change, it’s worth checking out our Dead by Daylight killers tier list to make sure you’re hooking those pesky survivors as frequently as you can – after all, if you’re looking to rise up the DBD ranks you’ll need to be at the top of your game.