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New Dead By Daylight killer and survivor teased by BHVR

Dead By Daylight has put out a terrifying new teaser video hinting at the next killer and survivor coming to the co-op horror game.

Dead By Daylight teases new killer and survivor: A woman with glowing eyes from Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight has consistently added new killers and survivors over the eight years the co-op horror game’s been available. Most recently, creator BHVR bulked up its catalog – which already included DLC based on Resident Evil and Silent Hill – with characters from Alan Wake, Chucky, and Alien. (We can’t forget the addition of Nicolas Cage last summer either.) Now, thanks to a teaser shared today, it looks like we’re about to get yet another new DBD drop themed around a monster stalking the woods and the campers it terrorizes.

The Dead By Daylight X and YouTube accounts shared a short found footage style video today hinting at what players can expect when the horror game launches its new killer and survivor. In it, an unseen camper who’s just woken up in his tent pans a camera and explains in a hushed voice that something is sprinting around in the woods nearby. Eventually, the door flap to his tent begins unzipping from the outside and, after a tense wait, a monster jumps in at him. Judging by the screams that follow, it doesn’t seem to go great from there.

While we can’t see exactly what attacks the camper, it makes strange noises like an alien and has way too many teeth in a horrible pale face. We’re sure those details alone are more than enough to get DBD fans busy theorizing about the creature until more information arrives.

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Fortunately, even without the new killer and survivor addition, there’s still plenty of DBD to play. Check out the latest DBD codes or take a look at our ranking of Dead By Daylight killers to help get the most out of your time with the game.

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