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Dead by Daylight healing changes yet again after huge PTB backlash

Healing has been contentious in Dead by Daylight for a while, so Behaviour is making some huge changes to DBD's med-kits in the horror game's new patch.

Dead by Daylight healing changes yet again after huge PTB backlash: A woman with a blonde bob crawling away from Michael Myres at night with a police car in the background

If there’s one thing that’s indispensable in Dead by Daylight, it’s a good ol’ med-kit and teammates that are willing to use them. In response to player feedback, DBD developer Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that the asymmetric horror game will get huge changes to its healing mechanics next patch – and they’re much-needed.

The Tools of Terror Mid-Chapter PTB saw a whole slew of changes to healing, some of which have been reverted. First up is the speed of healing itself. The base time had been increased to 24 seconds from 16, but Behaviour has chosen to revert back to the latter as “after reviewing player feedback, we found that many of you agreed that the speed [at] which you heal others was already in a good spot prior to the update.”

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Instead, the devs have turned their attention to med-kits, which many DBD players claimed needed some adjustments. Behaviour has given med kits some considerable nerfs because survivors could “heal themselves multiple times whenever it was convenient to them, leaving their teammates free to work on Generators while they do so.” If you’re one of the many Dead by Daylight killer mains, this was pretty damn annoying.

All med-kits now have 24 charges, as well as a 33% speed and efficiency penalty when used to self-heal. By contrast, the speed at which you heal others with a med-kit has been increased:

  • Camping Aid Kit: Increases the speed that you heal others by 35%,
  • First Aid Kit: Increases the speed that you heal others by 40%.
  • Emergency Med-Kit: Increases the speed that you heal others by 45%.
  • Ranger Med-Kit: Increases the speed that you heal others by 50%.

All of these values are base ones, so no addons have been included. There are a few changes to items like Rubber Gloves and Gel Dressings, most of which are buffs.

A list of the changes to med-kits in Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight’s healing systems have, quite frankly, been a bit of a mess of late. Players have been complaining and threatening to quit the game since the PTB announcement, and thankfully Behaviour has taken that feedback on board.

The game has also been incredibly solo-player oriented as a result, so I’m very glad to see Behaviour rewarding players for actually playing as a team. Multiplayer games often fall victim to ‘that one person who wants to look cool,’ so I’m very glad to see the push towards teamwork; it’s important in DBD.

If you’re looking to dive back into the wicked world of DBD for the Mid-Chapter update, be sure to check out our list of all of the active Dead by Daylight codes so that you can get some sweet new gear or, alternatively, a whole lot of bloodpoints.