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It’s been 8 months, but we’re finally getting DBD’s best collab

Dead by Daylight made us wait, but the new Iron Maiden skins have finally been added to the horror game and they're as cool as you'd expect.

The Trapper from Dead by Daylight, and Eddie from Iron Maiden

Remember way back in May 2023 when Behaviour Interactive promised us we’d be getting Iron Maiden skins for Dead by Daylight and then expected us to just sit around and wait patiently for this to happen? Well the wait is almost over, and it looks like it was all worth it.

Over the years, Dead by Daylight has delivered some epic skins and in-game cosmetics. From horror movie legends like Ghostface and Freddy Krueger, to the ever-iconic Nicolas Cage, we’ve seen some epic additions to the survival game, but we may finally be getting the most radical of them all.

At the time of the announcement last year, Iron Maiden and Slipknot cosmetics were in the conceptual stages, so it figures that we’ve had to wait so long for this to come to fruition. And, fair play to Behaviour, because the details regarding Eddie the Head’s debut in the horror game have got us drooling at the prospect of what’s to come. And the good news is, the drop is coming very soon—Wednesday February 22, to be exact.

Promotional artwork for Dead By Daylight's collaboration with Iron Maiden

The cosmetics will bring customizable Iron Maiden content to the following characters: The Doctor, The Oni, The Dredge, and The Deathslinger. Perhaps most exciting, though, is the fact that Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ will play in the background while users are equipping these Cosmetics.

No official price range has been confirmed for these cosmetics yet, but we would assume it’ll cost you 1,080 Auric Cells to purchase each particular skin and take it into the Fog with you. That would fall in line with previous collaborations between Dead by Daylight and the likes of Domrebel, for example.

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You can currently grab Dead by Daylight on Steam with 65% off until Saturday February 10, at the special price of just $7.99 for the standard edition. While you wait for Eddie the Head to arrive, why not take a look at our list of the best PC games, or explore our guide to the DBD killer tier list. Want DBD codes? We’ve got you covered there, too.

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