Dead by Daylight character Leatherface isn’t getting the chop, yet

The Dead by Daylight killers roster will retain Leatherface for now, despite the pending launch of multiplayer horror game Texas Chainsaw Massacre, BHVR says

No, Dead by Daylight isn't cutting Leatherface ahead of Texas Chainsaw. A killer with a chainsaw, Leatherface from Dead by Daylight

Rejoice all ye chainsaw-wielding, rubber-mask-wearing Dead by Daylight killers. Leatherface, known in DBD as The Cannibal, is staying in the multiplayer horror game. Recent leaks suggested he might be removed ahead of Sumo Digital’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which launches later this year. But developer BHVR now confirms that Leatherface isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so if you thought you were safe from dismemberment in Dead by Daylight, think again.

Scheduled for release later in 2023, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a team-based multiplayer horror game where several survivors (or, as the TCM’s creators prefer to call them, “victims”) face down an opposing squad of killers, all based around the 1974 movie of the same name.

Publisher Gun Interactive tells us that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is intended as a highly authentic, canonical, and licensed addition to the horror series. Nevertheless, Leatherface is set to remain in rival horror game Dead by Daylight, at least for the foreseeable future.

“Fret not,” says DBD developer BHVR. “The Cannibal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – he’s hooked on DBD.” In seeming reference to recent Dead by Daylight leaks, which speculated that Leatherface would be removed from the game owing to his appearance in the licensed tie-in, BHVR also offers a joking, cautionary note: “If you want to avoid being lost in the Fog, follow our official channels.”

Whether Leatherface will eventually be removed from DBD, due to a clash with the official Texas Chainsaw game, is unclear. But for now at least, he’s safe. So, if you’re a big Leatherface main, it’s all good news. Alternatively, if you’re tired of all the camping Bubbas, it’s hard (head) cheese.

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