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The most-wanted Dead by Daylight game mode is finally coming

Following on from some smaller, experimental DBD game modes, there's another on the way and it's a big one that fans have been waiting for.

The most-wanted Dead by Daylight game mode is finally coming: The Nurse stands in front of the house and cop car from Haddonfield in DBD.

Over recent months Dead by Daylight has been mixing it up. There’s been a few different game modifiers trickling in at regular intervals, changing up how you can play. One put the lights out for a darkness-filled romp, another saw survivors become tiny and have to scurry away from a giant Oni. There’s one new game mode that fans have been asking for which has been requested more times than I can count.

Dead by Daylight fans are never shy about sharing their ideas for the game. One of the most requested features, apart from a buff for poor Freddy, is a 2v8 game mode. As part of the eighth anniversary celebrations for the multiplayer game, developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that it’s finally going to happen, and it looks like it might get pretty wild.

This optional mode will pit two killers against eight survivors in an expanded and much more chaotic version of the game.  Players will be able to choose from any of the five free killers; Trapper, Wraith, Huntress, Hillbilly, and Nurse. All survivors will be able to take part but there will be several gameplay changes that aim to keep the mode from being a mess.

For a start, included maps are being altered to be much larger, ensuring you won’t run into each other too much. Hooks won’t be making an appearance, with all killers sending survivors into cages, much like Pyramid Head’s special ability. These won’t be simple Cages of Atonement, however, instead survivors will be sentenced into more Entity-inspired organic cages.

The biggest and most impactful change for the mode, apart from the number of players, is related to setting up your character. Perks are gone. Instead, Behaviour is looking at introducing classes. You’ll choose your survivor and then select what kind of role you want to fulfil. These will range from classes aimed at achieving objectives to healers, similar to what you might see in an MMO. For killers, team powers will take the place of existing perks, with each killer enhancing each other.

This mode will replace the annual Scorching BBQ event held over summer and there’ll be more information shown on a Dead by Daylight livestream coming in July.

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