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Dead By Daylight’s Sadako is proving too scary for some players

The Dead By Daylight The Ring DLC has scared some players so bad they're begging the devs to turn the horror down.

Dead By Daylight The Ring DLC is just too scary

The just-announced Dead By Daylight x The Ring crossover DLC, Sadako Rising, isn’t out until March 8 but players with early access are finding out the bad side of tying one of the best horror games to one of the most terrifying horror franchises ever – as one particular jumpscare is catching a lot of people by surprise.

It was revealed this week that the next big horror movie collaboration coming to multiplayer game Dead By Daylight is The Ring/Ringu, which will introduce new survivor Yoichi Asakawa as well as the film’s iconic long-haired ghost girl Sadako to the game.

The Sadako Rising DLC will officially release on March 8 but a number of streamers have already been granted access to it – and they’re finding Sadako a little too horrifying, especially in regards to one jumpscare that isn’t even in the game itself (thanks, Eurogamer). When selecting a Killer in the lobby, the character will usually stand patiently on the side while the player picks their Perks. Sadako, however, will instead choose a random moment to jumpscare the player.

Streamers have been posting their reactions to this moment online, and quite a few have been caught unawares by it – understandably so, since none of the other Killers in Dead By Daylight behave this way.

Some players are even asking developer Behaviour for the option to turn this jumpscare off, because it’s just too scary.

Dead By Daylight remains an incredibly popular game, and a lot of players are hoping that it will run on the Steam Deck without issue – although Behaviour says that it “can’t promise” that the game will.