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Is Dead by Daylight Steam Deck compatible?

Playing Dead by Daylight on the Steam Deck isn't a scary process, as DBD plays so well on the Steam Deck, it'll make your spine chill.

Art of The Trapper from Dead by Daylight on the screen of a Steam Deck.

Is Dead by Daylight Steam Deck compatible? When it comes to playing Dead by Daylight on the Steam Deck, you have nothing to fear. Whether you decide to take on the role of a killer, or help fellow survivors repair generators and escape, this asymmetrical team-based horror plays great on the Steam Deck.

As per the Dead by Daylight system requirements, you’ll need a 50GB worth of storage space before you face off with The Entity. Pick up one of the best microSD cards for Steam Deck, especially if you’re rocking that 64BG model of the handheld, and you’ll be good to go to start getting your spooky on.

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Is Dead by Daylight Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Dead by Daylight is playable on the Steam Deck and has even been classified as ‘Verified’ by Valve. This accolade means that Dead by Daylight should run impeccably on the Steam Deck.

Dead by Daylight hasn’t been ‘verified’ for the Steam Deck for long, with its top tier commendation only coming from Valve earlier this year. While it may have taken a few years for developer Behaviour Interactive to address compatibility issues with the live service horror game, the wait has been worth it.

The game plays great on the handheld, whether you decide to play as a survivor, or a killer. Even at the highest settings, you shouldn’t see any noticeable frame rate drops, as Dead by Daylight isn’t very demanding in the graphics department. The only issue that you’ll need to be mindful of is maintaining an internet connection, as there’s no DBD offline mode.

If you’re already something of a Dead by Daylight console veteran, be advised that while the game is cross-platform, this doesn’t apply to progression. To be clear, switching between your desktop PC and Steam Deck won’t have any issues, but you won’t be able to carry over anything to or from the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch ports of the game.

With Ripley and the Xenomorph from Alien recently joining the ever-growing list of survivors and killers, there’s never been a better time to start getting hooked on Dead by Daylight on the Steam Deck.

If you’re new to the world of Dead by Daylight, what we consider one of the best Steam Deck games, we have a full-list of DBD codes that’ll grant you enough charms, Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards to get going. You should also familiarize yourself with the DBD killers tier list if you fancy yourself a killer main, or want to know what you’re going to be up against.