DBD Scorching Summer BBQ dates, gameplay, and rewards

The summer event is back in Dead by Daylight, so here's everything you need to know about this year's event and its smoking hot rewards.

When is the Dead by Daylight Summer BBQ event? The much-loved summer event is coming back to DBD since its last outing in August 2018. The event consisted of unique challenges where players could collect special tokens and unlock cosmetic rewards.

Whether it’s BBQ weather where you are or not (Sorry, Southern hemisphere and, well, the UK), the Dead by Daylight event is finally back, and Margarita Generators and Grill Hooks should help get you in a sunny mood. Reward include hot outfits and tasty charms, but you must complete special time-limited challenges to get them, so here’s all the details on the most killer event this Summer, the DBD Scorching BBQ.

DBD Scorching Summer BBQ dates

The Scorching Summer BBQ event takes place in-game from Thursday, August 3 to Thursday, August 17, 2023, kicking off at 8am PDT/11am EDT/4pm BST.

A dirty hand holds a bottle of 'scorching bbq' sauce to celebrate the DBD Scorching Summer BBQ event and tome.

Scorching Summer BBQ event details

The new Summer BBQ event, much like most other DBD events, will task you with completing a new set of challenges, some of which will revolve around the event-exclusive margarita Generators and grill Hooks. By all accounts, those skill checks could get harder the more colorful margaritas you indulge in…

Since the available outfits are for The Clown and Jake Park, these characters also make an appearance in the event tome, and some challenges must be performed with these characters.

Just a few of the challenges you must complete are:

  • Finish repairing two Summer generators.
  • Unlock two chests.
  • Sacrifice three survivors to the Entity.
  • Unhook two survivors as Jake Park.
  • Directly hit two survivors with the Afterpiece Tonic, as The Clown.

Concept art of the Clown outfit Hot Dog Cook, available during the DBD Scorching Summer BBQ event.

Scorching BBQ rewards

By participating in the DBD Scorching BBQ event tome, you can earn some pretty mouth-watering summer outfits: Jake Park’s Lucky Stroll and The Clown’s Hot Dog Cook.

There are also a few charms to collect by completing challenges – and of course loads of Bloodpoints. The charms available during the DBD Scorching Summer BBQ are:

  • A Killer Sauce
  • King of the Grill
  • Deadly Apron
  • Margarita

It’s only been a few days since Nic Cage was added to the game as the latest survivor, so use this opportunity to take his new perks out for a spin. And if these event rewards still aren’t enough, check out new DBD codes for free charms, Bloodpoints, and more.