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Our Dead by Daylight crossover dreams were just officially crushed

Dead by Daylight meets Terrifier might have been the best DBD crossover to date, even better than Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but it seems unlikely now.

Dead by Daylight Terrifier: Actor Nicolas Cage as he appears in BHVR horror game DBD

Dead by Daylight makes you accustomed to disappointment. You’ve fired up all the generators, kept your buddies alive, and then suddenly, there’s a telepathic DBD killer who’s managed to beat you to the exit gate, and just picks you off one by one like they’re checking your wristbands for some especially macabre nightclub. The BHVR horror game revels in killing your dreams. And now, after the fantastic Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and even Nicolas freakin’ Cage crossovers, our ideal collab is seemingly, officially dead. Dead by Daylight Terrifier is apparently not happening – although, like with a particularly torturous hook-camping killer who keeps leaving then coming back, leaving and coming back, there actually remains a fragment of painful hope.

If you’re unfamiliar with Terrifier, it’s a series of horror movies centring on Art the Clown, who, I’m sure I don’t need to explain, is not the kind of clown you’d hire for kids’ parties. Gory, horrifying, and suitably schlocky, Terrifier and Art are the perfect fit for DBD, and the rumor mill has been spinning out of control lately, postulating that the seemingly ideal collab was indeed in the works.

But reality is often unkind, and now, Steve Barton, producer on Terrifier 2, confirms that the DBD Terrifier crossover is indeed a mere fantasy. “Sorry guys,” Barton writes. “As cool as this is, it’s not real. We do however appreciate the love and support.”

Dead by Daylight Terrifier: A tweet confirming that Terrifier will not appear in BHVR horror game DBD

Okay, so Dead by Daylight meets Terrifier isn’t happening yet, but there remains a sliver of hope for Art to pop up in the multiplayer slasher, or perhaps elsewhere in videogame land, in the future. Continuing the thread, one fan implores Barton to make the DBD crossover “real.” “Not up to us,” Barton replies. “It’s up to the developers. We’d be happy to talk with them about it.”

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Another respondent suggests Art should appear in upcoming heist thriller Payday 3. “That’d be interesting,” Barton replies. “I think he’s a bit more suited to Mortal Kombat.” Barton then tags both Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm and series co-creator Ed Boon. So, maybe we could see Terrifier in DBD yet, or maybe Payday 3, or Mortal Kombat, or – I don’t know – Fortnite? Roblox? Maybe not.

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