Dead by Daylight “abysmal” as Texas Chainsaw, Killer Klowns move in

Dead by Daylight is becoming “abysmal” say BHVR horror game fans on DBD Reddit as finisher mori and rivals The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Klowns move in

Dead by Daylight "abysmal" as Texas Chainsaw, Killer Klowns move in: The Clown Dead by Daylight killer finishes a survivor

Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer horror game from BHVR, is becoming “abysmal” according to some fans on the DBD Reddit, as the new finisher mori system for Dead by Daylight killers hits the public test servers, and multiplayer rivals like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Klowns from Outer Space head towards launch.

According to some fans, recent rebalancing changes in Dead by Daylight have made playing a survivor “dreadful”, as killers now have more opportunity to camp, can use perks like Save the Best to Last to instantly murder opponents, and have the advantage of generator progress regressing more quickly. One player also cites an increase in “scummy” killer behaviour.

In a post titled “DBD is becoming abysmal to play”, Redditor u/at_spencer writes “I love playing the game. I used to play both roles back in the day, but ended up leaning slightly more into playing survivor. However, with the recent balance changes, the game on the survivor side is absolutely dreadful to play. Killers running Save the Best for Last instantly catching up to survivors, generators getting regressed from 99% all the way to 0% in what feels like under a minute, and not to mention how easy it is to tunnel and camp survivors right now.  The thing that makes me lose my patience the most is how often killers will play as scummy as possible. Every killer seems to have such a sore attitude and it is honestly so draining to play.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” replies another Dead by Daylight fan. “I know DBD can be a fun game, but a lot of people who play sure know how to make it the most boring and miserable experience ever.” “I’ve been on a break from DBD since the end of August,” says a third player. “Escape rates were miserable, teammates incompetent, and killers just tunnel and camp like there’s no tomorrow. It is quite literally the worst time in this game’s history to be a solo queue survivor.”

Dead by Daylight could receive a further overhaul courtesy of the new finisher mori system which is being trialled in the horror game’s public test build. A broad expansion of the current mori kills — which allow killers to activate a special execution animation on downed survivors — finisher mori means that when only one survivor is left still standing, and all others are either, dead, downed, or have escaped, the killer can activate their finisher to instantly kill the final player and win the match, completely transforming Dead by Daylight’s endgame. Though it is still being tested, and is not yet confirmed for a full release, the finisher mori system also has DBD players expressing concerns.

“I could live with the past changes, but I’ve been playing for five years and the mori rework will probably make me quit,” says one fan. “You get a slick transition and ending cutscene,” says another, “but look at how much flavour and emergent gameplay gets lost in the process. Things like slug races and getting carried to the hatch are genuinely some of the most soulful little moments in this game. They stick in your memory and make you smile. The new system feels like a whole lot of style over substance by comparison.”

Dead by Daylight also faces increased competition in the asymmetrical genre. Killer Klowns from Outer Space looks like a very credible DBD rival, while The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with its unique 3 v 4 PvP and high level of authenticity to the film, could shake up multiplayer horror entirely.

Nevertheless, Dead by Daylight still boasts the most impressive roster of characters, which you can judge for yourself thanks to our Dead by Daylight tier list. With the genre expanding, you might also want to try out some of the other best multiplayer games, or perhaps, given the time of year, some of the best Halloween games, guaranteed to spook you silly.