Dead By Daylight tome 14 release date is a lot closer than you think

Dead By Daylight tome 14 was announced as part of the horror game's anniversary roadmap but has remained shrouded in secrecy until now, DBD fans, get hyped.

Dead By Daylight tome 14 release date is a lot closer than you think: A handsome man with silver hair and a dark grey goatee looks into the camera wearing a green combat-style jacket with blue veins running up his neck

The mysterious Dead by Daylight tome 14 looks like it will release in a matter of days, adding yet more spooktacular content to Behaviour’s asymmetric horror game in the wake of the all-new Lunar New Year event.

As the year of the rabbit begins, avid fans of all things DBD have been on the edge of their seats, waiting for the imminent arrival of tome 14, the latest volume to be added to the Archive’s ever-growing collection of all things spooky.

For those unaware, tomes are accessible via the Archives, and allow players to learn more about their favourite survivors and, of course, the ever-expanding roster of Dead by Daylight killers. You’ll be set a series of challenges (you can only do one at a time remember!) that let you explore the tome’s leading hero and villain’s backstory, with more unlocking over time.

Tome 13 centred around Ghost Face and Michaela Reid, whereas tome 14 will likely focus on new characters The Knight and Vitorrio Toscano, with furry fiend Maurice also rumoured to be joining the fray.

Its release date has remained a mystery, listed simply as January in the year seven roadmap. However, after a whole lot of maths, I’ve pinned down a potential release date – but also remember that I’m a history graduate and numbers are scary to me.

A Dead by Daylight roadmap showing different months and the content that will be released during them

Dead by Daylight tome 14 release date

Dead by Daylight tome 14 will release on January 25, following the DBD Lunar New Year event. This date is listed on notable Discord DBD News Palace’s internal calendar.

Each DBD PTB lasts for three weeks, and the most recent test began on January 3. Add three weeks (including that week) and you get to January 24. According to several members of the Discord, tomes go live a day after the PTB ends, landing tome 14’s release date squarely on January 25. Excuse me while I wipe the sweat off of my brow.

Is this mental gymnastics? Maybe, but all signs point to the tome being released on January 25. The only potential delay could be the Lunar event, but given it doesn’t really interact with the tome system it’ll likely drop in a couple of days time.

With a wealth of new content to explore, there’s never been a better time to dive into DBD. If you’re looking for some free gear, be sure to check out our list of all of the current Dead by Daylight codes. If DBD is a little too spooky for you, though, we have a curated list of the best multiplayer games, too.