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The best roguelike game is getting an animated show, and it looks sick

A Dead Cells animated show is on the way next year from the studio that makes the trailers for the roguelike game, and it looks absolutely fabulous.

The best roguelike is getting an animated show, and it looks amazing

Everybody stay calm, Dead Cells is getting an animated show. No, I’m not joking, one of the best roguelike games ever made and a frenetic platformer that puts many others to shame, Dead Cells is set to fully enter the world of animation with an entire season of episodes to melt your eyeballs.

After hitting 10 million in sales and promising even more content through 2025, Dead Cells is the runaway freight train that just won’t stop, and I’ve never reacted to surprise news with such passion in my life.

Ten seven-minute episodes will be released in 2024 all helmed by French studio Bobbypills, which is also the same studio responsible for all those excellent animated Dead Cells trailers. These episodes will initially be exclusive to those of you in France but will be made available worldwide soon after.

Check out the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

According to the synopsis, “The show takes place on (surprise, surprise) a cursed island that has been racked by a strange plague. After the island’s foolish king develops a remedy that ends up turning the population into monstrous creatures, prophecies depicting a flame-headed hero who will kill the crazy King begin to appear.

“As it so happens, this beheaded hero is real, but saving a kingdom isn’t on his schedule and he just wants to be left alone. Well, guess who isn’t going to be left alone…”

The best roguelike is getting an animated show, and it looks amazing

So for those of us that have played, and played, and played Dead Cells, the show is going to follow the broad plot of the game by the sounds of things. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful pixelated biomes realized in animated form.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I absolutely adore Dead Cells. It’s a game I always come back to that just oozes style and substance, with an array of both paid and free content since its initial release that makes it one of the most entertaining and engaging roguelikes on the market – the recent Castlevania crossover might just be the best DLC I’ve ever played, too.

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