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Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key location

The Dead Island 2 Curtis Sinclair safe key location is not as obvious as you might think, since the ageing actor appears in the very early stages of the game.

Curtis Sinclair, the owner of the Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key, sits in an armchair in his Bel-Air mansion.

Looking for the Dead Island 2 Curtis Sinclair safe key location? This is the first example of a mechanic that you’ll find throughout your time in HELL-A. Curtis’ side quest, ‘The Death of the Party’ may take place in the first couple of hours of Dead Island 2, but you actually need to return to his mansion later on to find this key.

Dead Island 2 has a main questline, but it’s nowhere near what we’d call a linear game. Sure, if you want to just crack through the main quest and call it a day, you can do so, but you’re here looking for the location of Curtis’ safe key, so we’d say you’re interested in everything HELL-A has to offer. As you explore, safes, lockboxes, and other interesting locations will appear on your Dead Island 2 map, but you’ll have to come back to most of them later on. The safe in Curtis Sinclair’s Bel-Air mansion is no different, so here’s how to get Curtis’ safe key.

The Screamer zombie Crystal the Lawyer, who you must kill to obtain the Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key.

How to get the Curtis safe key

Long after you leave Curtis and his Bel-Air mansion behind, you embark on a quest called ‘Plumbing the Depths’ in which you go looking for a janitor named Bob in the Serling Hotel on Ocean Ave. This quest is the first time you encounter the Screamer Apex zombie variant.

Once you have unlocked the Screamer variant, return to Curtis’ garden where Screamers will now spawn. One of these will be named Crystal the Lawyer, and – for some unknown reason – she’s holding Curtis’ safe key. Kill her to retrieve it.

The Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key lies on the floor in Curtis' garden.

The safe itself is located in a small closet in Curtis’ house. If it doesn’t appear on your map yet, head in through the second of the open patio doors, and there are five more doors in here. The safe is behind the second door on your left.

We won’t tell you what you’ll get once you’ve found the Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key, we’ll leave that as a surprise – just make sure you have a spare slot in your inventory. As we mention in our Dead Island 2 tips guide, killing named zombies is the key to finding some of the best loot in the game. Obtaining Dead Island 2 fuses can also bag you some pretty hard-hitting weapons, too.