Where to find Dead Island 2 fuses

Once you know where to find Dead Island 2 fuses, you can insert them into fuse boxes and gain access to a vast assortment of loot scattered across Hell-A.

Sam B as he appears in Hell-A, adorned in gold chains, sunglasses, and a snazzy suit jacket with a gothic trim, and your first port of call when unlocking traders for Dead Island 2 fuses.

Wondering where to find Dead Island 2 fuses? We don’t blame you. If you’ve been exploring Hell-A for any length of time, there’s a good chance that you’ve already stumbled upon a fuse box or two. Dambuster’s gruesome zombie-fest never outright explains how to open them, but thankfully, we’ve got all the answers.

Dead Island 2 fuses grant you access to rare blueprints and perks that can make all the difference when going up against fearsome Dead Island 2 bosses. Better than that though, some of the best weapons are enclosed in Zomproof Slayer Hoards within, so you can see why you might want to replace that fuse. In fact, they’re so important that they make an appearance in our Dead Island 2 tips guide – so if you’re already waist-deep in undead guts, it might be best to take the time to revisit those fuse boxes. Thankfully, each fuse box appears on your Dead Island 2 map once discovered, so you can easily circle back to them if required.

Dead Island 2 fuse locations

Dead Island 2 fuses can be purchased from the various traders posted across Hell-A. They cost $1,500 each, but don’t let that price put you off. By stumping up the cash to pay for a fuse, you can access rare loot and other valuable items that are well worth the cost. These rewards can also be sold to recoup your losses if they’re of no benefit to you, so there’s really no reason not to pick up as many fuses as you can afford. You can carry a maximum of three fuses at any one time in the RPG game, so don’t forget to restock.

The Dead Island 2 fuses as they appear within the trader inventory.

You can purchase Dead Island 2 fuses from Carlos at Emma Jaunt’s house in Bel Air, or alternatively from Ezekiel at the coastguard station at The Pier. Once you have a fuse in your possession, simply interact with a fuse box when prompted to insert it. A nearby door will open automatically, granting you access to all the loot sequestered inside. Don’t get ahead of yourself though, some rooms are harder to enter than others. Keep an eye our for dangerous traps or daunting Apex zombie variants protecting that loot.

Now you know where to find Dead Island 2 fuses, you can jump back into crushing zombie skulls with your new goodies. Be sure to pair them with the best Dead Island 2 skills to play to the strengths of your chosen slayer. Finally, why not take a bite out of our Dead Island 2 review while you’re at it?