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Dead Island 2 map - size, locations, waypoints, and more

The Dead Island 2 map size is pretty large considering your lack of vehicles, and it's not that exhaustive considering, but you can set important waypoints.

Dead Island 2 map: size, locations, and more - Carver the shark stands outside Jos surf board rentals on Venice Beach.

Want to find out more about the Dead Island 2 map? Dambuster’s follow up to Techland’s 2011 original Dead Island takes place across western LA, starting in Bel-Air and winding up on the Santa Monica coast. Unlike the first game, there are no vehicles, but the game covers a fair distance as you explore on foot.

Dead Island 2 is a semi-open world game, so you can explore the world around you – within confined limits – at will. The map, sadly, doesn’t reflect this very well as it’s not the easiest to navigate, and you can only set waypoints to specific locations. Using your map, you can locate traders to buy Dead Island 2 fuses, set waypoints to workbenches to mod your weapons with blueprints and perks, and even track down certain Dead Island 2 zombies. For everything you need to know about the Dead Island 2 map, including its size, locations, and how to use Alexa Game Control to get around, read on.

Dead Island 2 map size

Unlike the (partly) fictional island of Banoi where Dead Island took place, Dead Island 2 unfolds in LA, so we have a good idea of how large the map is. Our story starts in Bel-Air, before taking us to nearby Beverly Hills, and that classic tourist destination: Hollywood Boulevard. The rest of the Dead Island 2 map encompasses Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier.

Overall, this is over 30 miles (not including return trips), though you might be able to get some public transport up and running for the longest stint. Lucky Dead Island 2 fast travel exists to get you from A to B in a flash, then.

Key locations

  • Bel-Air
  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice Beach
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Hollywood Boulevard

The Dead Island 2 map of the Santa Monica Pier.


Wherever you are in HELL-A, press ‘M’ to access your Dead Island 2 map, where you can set waypoints, see where you are, and discover what’s around you in more detail than your compass offers.

There are two tabs in your map interface: LA and District. The LA tab is more useful as a list, showing you which districts have incomplete quests – the map cannot be interacted with, and merely shows you each district in relation to one another. The District tab meanwhile shows you a detailed version of the specific district you’re currently in, and this is where you can set waypoints to workbenches or traders, and see where zombie hotspots are located.

You can set waypoints to any of the following map locations:

  • Lockbox – requires a key
  • Fusebox – requires a fuse
  • Workbench
  • Storage lockers
  • Trader
  • Fast travel map
  • District zone exit
  • Zombie hotspot
  • Undiscovered
  • Side quest
  • Main quest

Alexa Game Control

You can use Alexa Game Control to set and cancel waypoints hands-free. If you’re unsure which commands you can use, there are examples in the ‘Tutorial’ menu.

Using Dead Island 2 voice commands, you can set waypoints to the following locations:

  • Fast travel map
  • Fusebox
  • Lockbox
  • Safehouse
  • Trader
  • Workbench
  • Zone Exit

If you’re still working your way through the Dead Island 2 map on your way to Venice Beach, give your enthusiasm a boost with our Dead Island 2 review, and you’ll learn that the fun just gets better. We’ve also got some Dead Island 2 tips that we wish we knew when we were getting started, and a guide to how long it will take to work through the main storyline.