When is Dead Island 2 Steam launching?

We question when will Dead Island 2 come to Steam, as the pulp zombie slasher is an Epic exclusive for now, but exclusivity ends, like it did with Metro Exodus.

Dead Island 2 Steam - Alex, a survivor, sits and smokes a cigarette in a Venice Beach safe house.

Want to know the Dead Island 2 Steam release date? The zombie gore-fest was recently released with Epic Games exclusivity on PC, so cannot be downloaded through Valve’s gaming platform. However, these exclusivity periods do end, so Dead Island 2 will likely come to Steam in the future.

Dead Island 2 is the gory zombie game that itself came back from the dead. Having changed hands over the decade of its development, it settled at Deep Silver Dambuster, the in-house developer of Deep Silver. That, as we mention below, could be the reason behind the game’s Epic Games exclusivity, and could shed light on the Dead Island 2 Steam release date.

Dead Island 2 Steam: Bruno, one of the Dead Island 2 characters, waits in line for evacuation.

Dead Island 2 Steam release date speculation

While there is no official Dead Island 2 Steam release date as yet, we have reason to believe the zombie slasher will be added to the Valve library in April 2024. Developed in-house at Deep Silver Dambuster, Dead Island 2 was published by Dambuster – the same publishing house as Metro Exodus. Exodus was also released exclusively on EGS in February 2019, before being added to Steam’s catalogue in February 2020. Other games with this year-long Epic exclusivity include Shenmue 3, also associated with Deep Silver.

PCGamesN spoke with Dan Evans-Lawes from Dambuster ahead of the release of Dead Island 2, and we asked about a Steam release date, as well as Dead Island 2 Steam Deck compatibility. While Evans-Lawes was unable to comment on whether the game would be coming to Steam at the time, previous Dead Island games are available on Steam, and releasing the game to the platform when the Epic Games exclusivity ends would be a no-brainer. The huge influx of new downloads of the aforementioned Shenmue 3 upon its Steam debut are proof of that.

Dead Island 2 isn’t on Steam right now, but the gory action game will likely reach the platform in 2024. Of course, you can still pick it up on the Epic Games Launcher or Humble if you can’t wait that long.

If you’re on the fence, our Dead Island 2 review might help you make up your mind. If it helps, you might also like to know how long Dead Island 2 is, though you will most likely end up spending far more time in the gory streets of HELL-A than just the length of the main story.