How long is Dead Island 2?

If you want to know how long Dead Island 2 will take to complete, then we have your answers right here, depending on how much of a completionist you are.

How long is Dead Island 2: Sam B stands with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder, another survivor, with burn scars on his face, stands nearby.

How long is Dead Island 2? Well, as you might expect, that’s not the most straightforward question to answer. As with most games, including prior Dead Island games, there are different levels of completion that can lead to wildly different gameplay times. That said, we asked the incredibly dapper Dan Evans-Lawes, Dambuster’s technical art director, who told us roughly how long we can expect to spend in the Dead Island 2 campaign.

Dead Island 2 is a gruesomely brilliant, or brilliantly gruesome, zombie slaughterfest, taking place about ten years after the original Dead Island. You might be a different character in a different story, but as we discuss in our Dead Island 2 preview, the feel of the game is the same as you’d expect, with a main storyline taking place parallel to the usual NPC side quests and collectibles, which you can choose to explore or ignore. Depending on how much of a completionist you are then, the answer to “How long is Dead Island 2?” can vary.

How long is Dead Island 2: An image from the opening to the game, in which a vision of a person kneels in front of huge, roaring flames.

Dead Island 2 campaign length

According to Dan Evans-Lawes from Dambuster, the Dead Island 2 main questline will take about 20 hours to complete if “you’re not being a completionist”. However, a huge part of the Dead Island 2 experience is made up of side quests and collectibles, so the full experience will keep you busy for much longer.

Evans-Lawes continued to say that “the most entertaining parts of the games are actually our side quests,” so if you’ve got time to kill, there’s definitely no need to rush your way through the main quest. Finding collectibles like Dead Island 2 blueprints allows you to upgrade your weapons, which in turn changes the way you can interact with the flesh system and provides you with more colourful ways of killing. With six Dead Island 2 slayers to choose from though, and multiple difficulties, you might want to replay the main story a few times, so now you know how long you might want to set aside each time you do so.

So now you know how long it’ll take to work through the main Dead Island 2 main story, save yourself some on the Dead Island 2 release date by preparing yourself in the meantime with our other guides. If you can’t wait that long, check out some other zombie games or apocalypse games that you can play right now, or just some of the all-round best PC games, which encompass a range of genres.