Is Dead Island 2 Steam Deck compatible?

You can play Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck, but you'll have to use a workaround to download the zombie slaying sequel on Valve's handheld PC.

Steam Deck with Dead Island 2 cast on screen

Is Dead Island 2 Steam Deck compatible? The long-awaited zombie-slaying sequel has finally arrived, and if you’re a portable PC fan, you’re likely wondering if it works on Valve’s valiant machine. To save you from any handheld hiccups, we’ve fleshed out the facts to see whether you can actually play Dead Island 2 on the go.

Before attempting to run the wretched romp on any PC, we’d recommend checking out Dead Island 2 system requirements. Specs for the first-person gore-fest aren’t ridiculous, but you’ll need a half-decent rig to boost fps and increase settings.

Steam Deck with Dead Island 2 storefront listing on screen

Is Dead Island 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Dead Island 2 is Steam Deck compatible, but you won’t be able to download the game via Steam. Instead, you’ll have to either install the Epic Game Store on your Deck or connect your account to an app like the Heroic Games Launcher. Doing so will enable you to buy and download games from the rival storefront, which will in turn expand your portable PC library access.

As for Dead Island 2 Steam Deck performance, you may struggle to consistently hit 60fps even with low settings enabled. This is perhaps to be expected given the sequel’s system requirements and the Deck’s low-spec abilities, but optimization could improve with future patches. Using the Epic Game Store as a middleman can also provoke additional glitches and quirks, so keep that in mind when using the workaround.

Our Dead Island 2 review calls the gory FPS game a slow bleed, but we reckon you’ll gradually grow to love HELL-A’s blood-soaked beaches. If you’re planning on taking a visceral vacation this weekend, you may want to keep our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks advice handy, while our Dead Island 2 fuses guide will save you from any item-hunting frustration.

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