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After 12 months, one of the best zombie games ever is finally on Steam

Imaginative, colorful, and full of variety, one of the best zombie games of the last decade is finally loose and available to play on Steam.

Dead Island 2 Steam release: A survivor from sandbox zombie game Dead Island 2

Ever wondered why we like killing zombies so much? It’s because they exist in the center of a sweet spot, between recognizably human and monstrous and different enough that there are no moral ramifications. Shooting robots and demons is fine, but they’re perhaps a little too abstract for us to understand the impact, the damage, of every hit. Games where you’re killing people, it might be enjoyable, but a little voice remains at the back of your head, telling you to feel guilty. Zombies solve this problem. One of the best undead-slaying games of the last decade, alongside hits like Resident Evil, a true genre classic has finally shambled onto Steam, and it takes the thrill of the kill to stratospheric new levels.

Dead Island 2 is an FPS and zombie game built around one very specific idea – every time you kill one of the undead, it ought to look and feel spectacular. Customize outrageous weapons, use environmental hazards, and cultivate character abilities to unlock and chain together outlandish combinations. It’s a blood-soaked sandbox, particularly notable for its patented F.L.E.S.H. system, whereby zombies melt, decay, deteriorate, and come to pieces layer by detailed layer. If you think you scored some squelchy headshots in Resident Evil, Dead Island 2 goes considerably harder. You can find a detailed analysis in our own Dead Island 2 review.

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If you’re still not convinced, the sandbox game sold more than 2 million copies during its initial launch months, setting a new record for publisher Deep Silver. A new expansion has also just been released, and now – after a year-long exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store – Dead Island 2 is finally available on Steam, where you can buy the Standard, Deluxe, or Gold Editions, which all contain various additions and DLC. If you want to give it a shot (or a bash, or a swipe with a flaming katana) just head right here.

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