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Dead Island 2’s next DLC is a gory music fest, and it’s due in April

The Dead Island 2 SoLA release date is set for April 17, and it includes new enemies, new weapons, and a new blood-drenched festival location.

Dead Island 2 recently grabbed our attention with its surprisingly creative and moody Haus DLC, and now it’s gearing up for its second story expansion. It’s called SoLA, and it’s about an undead rock music festival in the heart of Los Angeles.

Dambuster has said that the SoLA release date is set for April 17, which is when we’ll be able to take to the mosh pits of the freakiest festival the west coast has ever seen. It turns out that the zombie game‘s SoLA event grounds are an ancient sacred site where “the veil between worlds grows thin, and a malevolent presence lurks behind the psychedelic Beat.”

Dead Island 2‘s promotional copy says this is caused by something called the Autophage, and it sounds like a vaguely Lovecraftian menace. What’s important, though, is that it uses music to turn people into zombies, and zombies need to be hit in the face with various implements of destruction.

On that note, SoLA introduces a couple new legendary weapons. There’s the Ripper, which is a combination baseball bat and circular saw that sounds like it’s the perfect tool for removing undead limbs. Then there’s the Sawblade Launcher, which does exactly what it says it does.

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Don’t worry: There will be new apex enemies to use these on, too. The Whipper is a zombie driven to violent self-mutilation by the Autophage that attacks with loops of its own intestine. Yuck. Then there’s the Clotter, which will decompose into goo right in front of you before reassembling itself somewhere else.

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