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Dead Space Remake remake confirmed for 2024

Dead Space Remake is getting a new remake, with EA and Motive confirming the horror game for 2024, alongside remakes of Starfield and Diablo 4.

Dead Space Remake remake confirmed for 2024: A space engineer in a metal suit, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space Remake

02/04/2023 If you were hoping for the Dead Space Remake Remake to be real and have come to this story now, we just wanted to let you know that this was in fact a delightful April Fool’s joke. Gotcha.

After the smashing success of Dead Space Remake, EA and Motive have officially confirmed a remake of the remake, set to launch in 2024. Horror game fans have already been treated this year thanks to Resident Evil 4 Remake and the pending Silent Hill 2 Remake, with announcements also expected regarding a remake of Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield as well as Diablo 4 Remake, which is expected to launch May 30, just ahead of Blizzard’s Diablo 4.

Taking place about the doomed mining ship Ishimura, Dead Space Remake remake sees a remake of Isaac Clarke battling to destroy the Necromorphs and the evil, monolithic alien artefact, The Remarker, as his missing girlfriend Nicole repeatedly appears to him during hallucinations, begging Isaac to “remake us whole again.”

After launching the first Dead Space Remake Remake gameplay trailer last week, horror fans are today being treated to Dead Space Remake Remake gameplay trailer remake, which you can view on YouTube.

Though Dead Space Remake Remake looks to overhaul most aspects of the classic space game, some of the visuals and mechanics remain true to the vision of the original remake, although Dead Space Remake Remake Remake, rumoured for launch in 2025, is set to serve as a more comprehensive re-re-re-imagining.

Elsewhere, Geoff Keighley Remake is confirmed as host for Summer Games Fest Remake, and Valve Remake is shortly expected to launch Steam Remake, following the positive reception to Steam Deck Remake at E3make. You can find a remake of this story on our homepage.

Thank you for reading this story, which is – of course – merely a goof and written as part of PCGamesN’s delightful April Fools antics for 2023. If you enjoyed this, perhaps you’d also be interested in a streamer beating RE4 Remake with a real chainsaw, or even a roundup of every PCGamesN April Fools story from over the years.