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How to get the Dead Space Burnished Suit

If you’re taking on a horde of Necromorphs, you might as well look good doing it, so here’s how to unlock the Dead Space Burnished Suit.

Dead Space Burnished Suit: a man wearing futuristic armour takes aim at a monstrosity

The Dead Space Burnished Suit isn’t only an outfit, it’s a statement. Issac will have access to a lot of suits by the end of his mission, but there is one that can only be unlocked by the most hardcore of players, one that is reserved for the best of the best. With its simple design and deep red visor, the Burnished Suit is a worthy gift for those who are able to claim it.

During your Dead Space Remake playthrough, you can choose plenty of different looks for Isaac. Do you go for the futuristic Venture suit? Or maybe you keep it low-key homicidal with the Bloody suit. Probably steer clear of the Infested suit. Our Dead Space Remake review heaps praise on the horror game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it made our list of the best PC games at some point. Here’s how to cap off your journey and unlock the Dead Space Remake Burnished Suit.

How to unlock the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake

To unlock the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake you must complete the game on Impossible mode, which is available to you as soon as you begin the game if you’re brave enough. Once you’ve bested the hive mind in its most difficult form, the Burnished Suit will be yours to wear as you please.

It’s worth noting that beating Dead Space Remake on Impossible mode will also net you the Hand Cannon, a humorous foam finger that does an obscene amount of damage – with the sound effects for its firing coming from Issac himself.

Now that you know how to unlock the Dead Space Remake Burnished Suit, get out there and start dismembering. To take on Impossible mode, you’re going to need to know every single Dead Space Remake suit upgrade available, with new game plus being your best option if you want to survive the brutal experience with all of your limbs still attached.