Dead Space suit upgrades explained

The best Dead Space suit upgrades can drastically increase your chances of survival on the Ishimura, offering bonus inventory space and damage resistance.

Dead Space suit upgrades: Isaac dressed in an upgraded RIG, clutching his helmet as the horrors of the USG Ishimura close in around him.

The best Dead Space suit upgrades appear as elusive schematics scattered across the Ishimura, and taking the time to track them down can be the difference between life and death – or worse, a full inventory. Resource Integration Gear, otherwise known as RIGs, are specialised suits designed to assist the wearer in a number of ways. RIGs come with built-in health management and navigational systems as standard, but that’s only scratching the surface of what benefits they provide.

Isaac begins his ill-fated tour of the Ishimura while wearing his default suit, the appropriately named Standard Engineer RIG, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of protection against necromorphs. In order to survive, you must keep an eye out for Dead Space suit upgrades. Each one grants additional armour and inventory space, both of which will serve you well in what’s shaping up to be one of the best PC games of 2023.

Dead Space suit upgrades

You can expect to acquire Dead Space suit upgrades in a number of ways. The vast majority appear as schematics, which must be collected in order for them to become available for purchase in the store.

Here are all the Dead Space suit upgrades:

  • Suit Level 1: It provides 0% damage resistance and 12 inventory slots.
  • Suit Level 2: Available to purchase from the store for 10,000 credits at the conclusion of Chapter 1. It provides 5% damage resistance and 18 inventory slots.
  • Suit Level 3 (Intermediate Engineer Rig): The schematic is on the bench in the EVA Prep Room during Chapter 4, and is subsequently available to purchase from the store for 20,000 credits. It provides 10% damage resistance and 22 inventory slots.
  • Suit Level 4 (Intermediate Miner Rig): The schematic is on a workbench in the Equipment Workshop in Chapter 7, and is subsequently available to purchase from the store for 35,000 credits. It provides 15% damage resistance and 26 inventory slots.
  • Suit Level 5 (Advanced Engineering Rig): The schematic is on a bench in the changing room for the Z-Ball court, and is subsequently available to purchase from the store for 60,000 credits. It provides 20% damage resistance and 30 inventory slots.
  • Suit Level 6 (Advanced Soldier Rig): Available to purchase from the store for a whopping 99,000 credits during Dead Space new game plus. It provides 30% damage resistance and 30 inventory slots.

Dead Space cosmetic suit upgrades

In addition to the Dead Space suit upgrades that you can unlock by completing the horror game’s story, there are several cosmetic suits and textures that are available by purchasing the Dead Space Deluxe edition or subscribing to EA Play Pro. These cosmetic suits automatically unlock when accessing the store for the first time. Unlike the core suits, you don’t have to purchase them with credits – simply navigate to the Storage tab to equip them.

Here are the Dead Space cosmetic suit upgrades:

  • Anodized Suit
  • Bloody Suit
  • Infested Suit
  • Lone Survivor Suit
  • Sanctified Suit
  • Venture Suit

There are also several Dead Space cosmetic suit upgrades that can be unlocked regardless of which edition or subscription service you’ve purchased: The DS-08 Legacy Rig and the Burnished Suit.

The DS-08 Legacy Rig is a replica of the Intermediate Engineer RIG worn by Isaac Clarke in the original version of Dead Space, and is available to all players as standard, unlocking automatically as soon as you gain access to the store. Conversely, the Dead Space Burnished Suit requires you to reach the end credits on the Impossible difficulty mode before you can unlock it.

That’s everything we can expect from the core Dead Space suit upgrades available to Isaac on his journey. However, it’s not enough to have the best suit – you’ll also want to kit yourself out with the best Dead Space weapon upgrades your Dead Space Power Nodes can buy. Finally, take a look at the Dead Space cast to discover which actors are reprising their roles for the remake, as well as our Dead Space review if you’re curious how we fared on the Ishimura.