Dead Space Remake dev “interested” in sequel, but no mod support plans

Dead Space Remake dev Motive Studio is “interested” in continuing the horror game series, but if you don’t like the new-look Isaac Clarke, you might be stuck.

Dead Space Remake sequels: A scientist with blonde hair, Nicole from Dead Space, stares ominously

Motive Studio, creator of the Dead Space Remake, says it is “interested” in creating more entries in the gory, space horror game series, with fans eagerly speculating on fresh versions of Dead Space 2 and the oft-maligned Dead Space 3. If the new, more youthful version of Isaac Clarke isn’t to your taste, however, it may be bad news, as official Dead Space mod support is apparently not on the cards.

In a recent Ask Me Anything over on Reddit, various Dead Space Remake developers field questions from survival game fans about how the game was created and plans for the future. Our own Dead Space Remake review heralds the sci-fi shooter as a fitting return to form, injecting new life into a stone-cold horror classic. Naturally, we’d like to see Motive and EA work on remaking Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 – and according to senior writer Joanna Berry, we might just be in luck.

“We’ve said both internally and externally that we’d be interested in continuing our work on the Dead Space franchise,” Berry says. “Our core group is passionate about the brand and we need to discuss what’s the right next step for us. There’s numerous factors that need to be taken into account at a studio and company level, but first, the team will take a well-deserved vacation before determining what’s next.”

A slightly lesser hint, but when one user asks about the possibility of a co-op mode coming to Dead Space Remake, David Robillard, Motive Studio’s technical director, replies “are you trying to trick us into making DS3?” Yes. Yes we are.

The developers at Motive also reflect on the launch of Dead Space Remake, stating, quite bluntly, that they are glad they didn’t “f*** this up.”

“From a dev team perspective, there’s an incredible amount of pride at what has been delivered and what we accomplished,” senior producer Phil Ducharme says. “User scores, Metacritic, press headlines have been great, but also validation that, you know, we didn’t f*** this up in the eyes of the DS Community and devs of the original game.”

Dead Space Remake sequels: a space engineer with a plasma weapon takes aim at a terrifying monster

Although further Dead Space remakes would be welcome, Trevor Gureckis, the composer behind Dead Space Remake’s fantastic score, tells PCGamesN that EA and Motive should “skip ahead” to a full Dead Space 4. Looks like the next few years could be good for fans of Necromorph limb removal.

Nevertheless, official support for Dead Space mods is unlikely to arrive any time soon –  if you wanted to give the new-look Isaac Clarke a makeover, and revert him back to his grey, grizzled visage from the original Dead Space trilogy, you might be out of luck.

Asked about the possibility of mod support, Motive replies quite simply “while this is a great idea, it’s not something we have planned at this time.” You can read the full AMA here.

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