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Dead Space Peng treasure location

The Dead Space Peng treasure location is likely to elude both new and returning players in the remake, but finding it will net you an achievement and credits.

Dead Space peng: Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Motive's survival horror remake, aiming at an unseen foe with his trusty plasma cutter in the shadowy corridors of the USG Ishimura

Whether you’re brand new to the series or a necromorph-stomping veteran, you’re going to have a vested interest in the Dead Space Peng treasure location. If this is your first time aboard the USG Ishimura, then you’re probably wondering: what exactly is Peng? Well, that’s a bit of a tough question. We don’t know exactly what Peng is within the game’s universe, but for the purposes of the Dead Space remake gameplay, it’s a one-of-a-kind, ultra-rare collectable stashed away somewhere within the environment.

The Dead Space Peng treasure is no longer located in the same place as in the original version of the Ishimura, so not even the keenest of memories will be of much help. Thankfully, we’ve got all the info you need when it comes to locating the Dead Space Peng treasure within the vast, corpse-riddled corridors of one of the best PC games this year. You’ll also be pleased to know that you don’t need  to worry about your Dead Space security clearance level, nor do you need the Dead Space Master Override. Without further ado, here’s Peng.

Where is the Dead Space Peng treasure?

The Dead Space Peng treasure can be found during Chapter 11 while completing the objective to ‘Engage the Cargo Crane’. Immediately after taking the lift down to the cargo bay, turn your attention to the stack of crates directly behind you, conveniently positioned by a poster proclaiming, ‘I want more Peng’. Simply move the crates using your kinesis ability to reveal a set of lockers. The Dead Space Peng treasure can be found within.

Dead Space peng: Isaac stands in the cargo bay facing a set of open lockers, one of which contains the elusive Peng treasure, as a stack of crates previously obstructing them sits to one side next to a Peng poster.

Aside from the satisfaction of a Peng well found, retrieving the Dead Space Peng treasure will unlock the coveted ‘There’s Always Peng!’ achievement. You can keep it as a memento in your inventory, or sell it for 30,000 Credits and use the extra cash to purchase Dead Space power nodes for the best weapon upgrades, or you can put it towards unlocking your favourite Dead Space suit upgrades.

That’s all we’ve got for the Dead Space Peng treasure location. If you’re enjoying the expansive dialogue introduced in the horror game remake, be sure to check out the Dead Space cast guide. We also highly recommend our how long is Dead space guide, as well as our Dead Space review to see how we got on while revisiting the USG Ishimura. And remember: no matter what horrors you may encounter on Isaac’s ill-fated journey, there’s always Peng.