A Dead Space Remake update has landed, but fps stutters remain

Motive just rolled out a Dead Space Remake update that addresses performance, but fps drops and traversal stuttering are still an issue on PC.

Isaac Clarke in Dead Space Remake with emoji tear drop

A fresh Dead Space Remake update has arrived, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t completely resolve ongoing performance issues. While Motive’s revamp is arguably one of the best horror games in 2023, traversal stutters continue to hamper the experience on PC.

Our Dead Space Remake review commends the sci-fi survival horror romp for being a respectful re-do, but performance issues keep it from achieving perfection. Taking advantage of AI upscaling features like Nvidia DLSS can alleviate general frame dips, and the traversal stutters aren’t necessarily a deal breaker. However, they do spoil the mood somewhat when it comes to immersion, and Motive’s latest update doesn’t quite kick the problem to the curb.

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According to the developer’s Dead Space Remake Update 1.04 Release Notes, the patch includes “performance improvements” and addresses “various stuttering and lag issues.” Again, traversal stutters are still a thing, so it looks like we’ll need to wait a bit longer for that particular fix, but the tweaks will hopefully resolve other niggles wreaking havoc within the horror game.

Of course, if you’re simply looking to boost fps, the best Dead Space Remake settings can help you strike a balance between frame rate and fidelity. In addition, DSOGaming reports that enabling Resizable BAR on supported motherboards makes a huge difference, with gains of up to 25% on an Nvidia RTX 4090.

It’s worth noting that Motive’s remake is still fresh on the scene, and further updates should iron out any outstanding kinks. In the meanwhile, checking out our Dead Space schematics locations guide will help you upgrade your in-game arsenal of weapons and escape the Ishimura in style.