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How long is Death Stranding?

Depending on how much spare time you’ve got on your hands, you may want to avoid or embrace this PC epic

Death Stranding game length

How long is Death Stranding? As Death Stranding has been out in the wild for a while on console, PC players can now finally enjoy this weird and wonderful game. If you’re still wondering whether to dive into the world of BTs and BBs, check out what we thought in our Death Stranding PC review.

If you’re wondering how long Death Stranding’s story takes to complete, and seeing as time is precious and irreplaceable, it’s always handy to know. It’s worth noting that Death Stranding is a single-player experience first and foremost, and while there are some reasons you will want to dip back into the story, there’s no flashy multiplayer mode to extend the playtime.

Death Stranding also boasts a number of side quests and distractions, so expect completion times to vary massively depending on whether you’re barrelling through the main campaign, stopping to smell the roses, or battling trans-dimensional death whales. Either way, you can expect to spend a lot of time rebuilding roads and playing the role of post-apocalyptic postal worker.

How long is Death Stranding?

Death Stranding will take you around 40-60 hours to complete, with completion times varying on how much of the side missions you take on and your pace of play. Although 40 hours seems to be the minimum among players, you can expect to sink 80-100 hours into Death Stranding if you want to complete every part of the game.

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