Death Stranding MULEs: How to deal with MULE camps

Learn how to take on MULEs in Death Stranding, clear out camps, fight them with their own cargo, or simply get away

Death Stranding’s MULEs and their calculated cargo-stealing ways can be annoying to deal with, even over Death Stranding BTs. Operating in small groups and protecting postboxes full of precious cargo, they can be an absolute pain in the behind to deal with, especially when they control areas you need to collect items from and advance through to make progress in the story. In this guide we’re going to give you the lowdown on Death Stranding MULEs, showing you what they can do, what weapons they have and how to deal with MULEs in Death Stranding where possible.

The first thing you need to know about is Death Stranding MULE’s weaponry. Once you’ve found a Death Stranding MULE encampment, get into battle to get a feel for how they fight. They’re really sly and love to hurl electric rods at your feet and vehicles to try and send you tumbling and immobilise your cargo. MULEs don’t actually want to kill you per se, they just want to make you unconscious so they can steal your stuff, hence the cattle prods. Watch your yellow consciousness bar as you fight them and if it gets too high you’ll end up asleep, so be careful.

They can punch you back if you engage in some CQC, but the main thing to worry about are the cattle prods, which hurt your consciousness level. MULEs in Death Stranding can run you over if they’re in a vehicle too, so watch out for that. Here’s everything you need to know about MULEs in Death Stranding.


Death Stranding MULE camps

A stealthy approach is recommended then. If you alert too many MULEs, you’re going to really struggle to deal with a horde of them, so sneak up using crouch and take out your Hematic strand. If you can get close enough you can wrap them up with it and immobilise the villains. Do this to enough MULEs and the camp is yours. If things get heavy you can also use Hematic Grenades to stun them with your blood. If you’ve got no self respect you can also use Sam’s poop to scare them given you’re packing a couple of EX Grenade Number 2’s.


How to avoid MULEs in death stranding

Move like a Quarterback. This is a super handy trick. You can dodge to either side when MULEs are chasing you for your cargo. Move like you’re running to the endzone! Jockey the MULEs and send them packing where possible by heading in the opposite direction. This is a great way to avoid the electric rods hurtling at you too. Jump or dodge to get out of the way as the game will slow time briefly if they arrive close to Sam, giving you a window of opportunity. Often it can be a solid tactic to dart straight to the protected postbox and hack it whilst they’re trying to find you. If you crack it before the rods start flying you can get out of there quickly with the mission complete. It’s even easier if you have a vehicle you can ride in on (and use to run MULEs over where necessary!)


How to fight MULEs in Death Stranding

The most fun way to deal with MULEs in Death Stranding is to use their own cargo. If you want to go in cargo blazing, head to the menus and switch out a piece of equipment you’re carrying and swap it into your hand. Walk up to a MULE and start hammering them, so when they hit the deck the game will slow down time, which is where things get fun. In this small window you can actually pick up the cargo that the MULE you just battered dropped, giving you a fresh new briefcase to hit someone else with. This means you can create a long chain reaction of cargo chaos as you crack hordes of MULEs in the noggin with a large detachment of deliverable metals. If you get the rhythm right you can take out an entire MULE camp in Death Stranding in less than a minute.

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