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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor reveals new biome at a million copies sold

With one million sales of Deep Rock Galactic Survivor in its first month, the dwarven action roguelike shows off its new Salt Pits update.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor update adds new Salt Pits biome as dwarven roguelike sells 1 million copies - A cigar-chomping dwarf in an armored mining suit.

Bringing its own dwarven spin to the bullet hell roguelike formula popularized by Vampire Survivors, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has just broken past a very impressive 1,000,000 units sold just one month after its launch via Steam Early Access. That’s pretty good going for a single-player survival spin-off from the co-op mining sensation. Now, developer Funday Games and publisher Ghost Ship reveal the first major update for DRG Survivor, which features a brand new biome pulling you ever deeper into Hoxxes IV.

The new Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor biome is the Salt Pits – making it the fourth environment from the main game that’s made its way over to Survivor for players to explore after the Cristalline Caverns, Magma Core, and Hollow Boughs. As with other locations in the bug-blasting roguelike game, you’ll have to keep an eye out for the environment around you, but you’ll be able to make use of it yourself to take down enemies by dropping well-placed stalactite clusters on their heads.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor update introduces new Salt Pits biome - A number of bugs close in on the intrepid dwarven miner.

Along with the new biome, you’ll also run into a new enemy type coming over from base DRG, the Q’ronar Younglings – an upsettingly Lovecraftian creature that can roll up into a ball and build momentum to crunch directly into you. Fortunately, they’re lacking some of the more dangerous aspects of their adult form such as the acid spit, but that will likely feel like small comfort when a swarm of them is speeding towards you in a tight corner.

The Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Salt Pits update launches on Wednesday March 20. Funday Games notes that this is just the first of many updates planned in its extended roadmap, which it expects to last for 6-12 months before the game reaches its 1.0 launch. Along with more biomes, expect to see more modes, mission modifiers, weapon overclocks, and, of course, plenty of nasty bugs make their way to the game in the coming months.

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