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The best co-op game drills deep for new stuff in big update out soon

The final preview has landed for Season 5 of Deep Rock Galactic. Miners will be Drilling Deep in this next update and it’s coming soon.

The best co-op game drills deep for new stuff in big update out soon: A grim dwarf from Deep Rock Galactic stands frowning at the viewer.

Miners are made of sturdy stuff. Not only do they have to face the darkness and claustrophobia of undiscovered places deep underground, they have to handle waves of terrifying alien creatures. Well, maybe real miners don’t have to deal with that last one so much, but the ones in Deep Rock Galactic certainly do. Still going strong years after launch, the next season is around the corner and a full preview of what to expect just dropped.

The next huge update for the powerhouse co-op FPS game is going to unleash a ton of new stuff for miners to explore, fight, and loot. Titled Drilling Deeper, you’ll be surprised to learn that season five sees your Deep Rock Galactic dwarves head to previously unknown depths in their quest to grab stuff and keep management off their backs. A new mission type called Deep Scan tasks you with bringing back precious Mokite seeds, aided by a Drillevator which you’ll ride to the bottom floor, metaphorically speaking.

You’ll also be able to take part in a brand new event focused around Core Stones. Management wants them so you’ll have to grab them, but when you do a new Corespawn Crawler enemy will spawn. Fight it off and you’ll be free to collect your reward – but only if you can fight it off. Three other enemies are also joining the fray, with the Glyphid Stalker, Vartok Scalebramble, and Barrage Infector all aiming to make your life under the surface a living hell. Management isn’t entirely without heart, however, so you’ll be able to tool up with 12 new Overclocks, one for each primary weapon.

That expansion of your arsenal is countered by a new difficulty level that will let you push your team’s abilities to the limit. Four new adjustable options are also landing for this setting, so you can make what’s already incredibly hard even harder. If you’re a glutton for punishment, that is.

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In addition to all that there will be new objectives, anomalies, warnings, paint jobs, dance moves, and a lot more. Drilling Deeper will launch for Deep Rock Galactic for PC on Thursday June 13. You can get the full details of what to expect over on the official Steam announcement.

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