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Deep Rock Galactic season 3 brings meteors and plague to mining game

The Deep Rock Galactic season 3 patch notes bring new events, tools, and grenades to the multiplayer co-op mining game as Plaguefall adds the deadly Rockpox

Deep Rock Galactic season 3 - a character holding a minigun covered in rocky, viney corruption, among a cloud of yellowish haze

Ghost Ship Games has unveiled the Deep Rock Galactic season 3 patch notes for its dwarf mining co-op game. Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall sees an insidious threat called the ‘Rockpox’ spreading across the caves of Hoxxes IV, and your team will have to load up with a range of new tools, grenades, and throwables to help counteract this deadly disease in the FPS game. This Rockpox seems to be arriving courtesy of another threat on the horizon – meteor strikes courtesy of a passing rogue comet.

The Meteor Impact event can cause meteor strikes to happen during regular missions, and players are encouraged to clear out the impact zone using Rock Cracker modules sent from the Space Rig to open the meteorite and snatch the valuable Plague Hearts inside. Bringing these back will earn you plenty of Scrip from the R&D department, so they’re well worth your time.

In areas where the Rockpox has been allowed to develop further, you’ll also encounter some missions with a new warning – Lithophage Outbreak. In these missions, you’ll need to destroy the Contagion Spikes using special new anti-contaminant tools while dealing with the tide of Plague Larvae that spawns out of the infected areas. You may even encounter Rockpox-infested Glyphid Grunts and Praetorians. These variant creatures can withstand huge damage, unless you ensure to target the glowing boils that form on their bodies. While dealing with the plague is an essential task, you’ll still need to complete your regular mining work at the same time in order to pay the bills!

As for the new equipment at your disposal, two tools will help you neutralise and cleanse areas affected by Rockpox. The LithoFoamer is used to spread a chemical foam across the affected regions, which attaches itself to the Rockpox; you can then employ the LithoVac to suck up the foam along with all the attached contagion. There are also four new throwables, one for each of the core classes, to help deal with the new threats.

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The full patch notes also include minor tweaks, bug fixes, and balance changes, along with some additional community-requested features such as an extra equipment terminal loadout slot. There are also changes to some Rival events, and additional variety for recurring and seasonal assignments, and some cosmetic DLC featuring new suits of armour and paintjobs for your weapons and tools.

Deep Rock Galactic season 3, Plaguefall, is out now. If you’re looking for more options to play with friends, we’ve got plenty more of the best multiplayer games on PC to try out.