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Classic tactical FPS series suddenly delisted as sequel draws near

As a multiplayer sequel draws closer, one classic tactical FPS and rival to the likes of SWAT has been delisted from GOG in its entirety.

Delta Force FPS game series delisted GOG: A soldier with a rifle in tactical FPS game Delta Force

The history of the tactical FPS is long and glorious, encompassing PC classics like the original Rainbow Six and the beloved SWAT series. If you want to go further back, you could argue that the strategy-driven shooter begins as early as the first XCOM, or maybe even before. But one legendary series has just been delisted from GOG, as its multiplayer-based sequel and relaunch draws closer.

Delta Force, the squad-based FPS game series that began life back in 1998, comprises ten releases with an 11th, the upcoming multiplayer shooter Delta Force: Hawk Ops, imminently on the way. Some of the games are exclusive to PC. Some are available only on consoles. Rebellion, the studio behind Sniper Elite, pioneered its name on Delta Force. If you’re a fan of SWAT and classic Rainbow Six, chances are Delta Force is also an old favorite.

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But now the series has been delisted from GOG – every Delta Force game on the CDPR store has been removed from sale as of Friday June 7. “Just now, we’ve received a request that we have to delist all Delta Force titles that are available in our store, due to legal reasons that are beyond our control,” ‘King Kunat,’ a GOG team representative, writes on the store’s forums. “The removals will happen today. They will be removed from all storefronts.”

Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Delta Force Land Warrior, Delta Force Task Force Dagger, Delta Force Xtreme, and Delta Force Black Hawk Down Platinum are all being pulled from sale on GOG. As of this writing, these games are no longer available on GOG but can still be purchased from Steam.

The next entry in the series is Delta Force Hawk Ops, a free-to-play multiplayer game that has been teased already via a recent trailer and will appear in full at Summer Game Fest.

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