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There’s a Destiny 2 dating sim, but you’ll have to ask for it

Dating sims are all the rage - DBD, Doomsday Paradise - but apparently Bungie has created an internal Destiny 2 one, and maybe we'll see it.

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Dating simulators, oh we meet again. Despite being in a happy long-term relationship, I seem to find myself writing about dating sims an awful lot these days. So, when an alleged Destiny 2 dating sim crossed the PCGamesN news desk, we all knew who was going to be writing it – but whether or not we’ll be playing it is a different story.

From a deep dive into Amorant, the fanmade Valorant dating sim, to the infamous X-Rated Palworld creature Lovander, this journalist has seen it all. And yet, somehow I’m still surprised that Bungie apparently does have an internal Destiny 2 dating sim – yes, you read that right; forget the Destiny 2 Final Shape release date, this is much more important.

In a recent roundtable interview, GamesRadar reports that, when jokingly asked about the potential Destiny 2 romance game, lead narrative designer Jonathan To responded “we have, what do you call those, game jams, and stuff like that has been made in game dev jams within Bungie.”

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As expected, the news hit X (formerly Twitter), and Destiny fans have been going wild. “A WHAT NOW” writes one respondent, whose sentiments are echoed throughout the chaos of the comments section.

But it’s the retweet from senior narrative designer Robert ‘Sphynxian’ Brookes that has caught my attention. Quoting the Destiny 2 Bulletin X post discussing said mysterious romantic endeavor, Brookes replies “Hey maybe if enough people say they want a dating sim it might get made. Would anybody like that?”

He follows this up with “it’d be a shame if there was a huge outcry for this that proved there’s money to be made in a AAA dating sim,” then drops a third comment with two pointing finger emojis placed against each other, or in other words, doing the ‘UwU.’

Two Twitter posts from one of Destiny 2's senior narrative designers discussing a potential dating sim

And it really would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Imagine short walks with Savathûn on Throne World (maybe worth bringing an extra pair of boots), or your first, exciting meeting with the stunning Mara Sov. I’m not someone who plays a lot of Destiny (WoW provides my MMORPG fix) but I have a feeling that a dating sim might just be the thing that lures me in. So Bungie, take note, you’ve got one interested party right here.

Until then, though, maybe I’ll need to give the game a spin so that I can get to know our potential suitors. So, you’ll find me reading up on the best Destiny 2 Hunter builds – or, more accurately, the best Destiny 2 Warlock builds, I’ll always be a magic user at heart.

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